Tract 1


How Do We know There is a God? Because we are here, which is the ultimate anthropic principle, based not only in observation, but common sense and science as well, and, which is further based in the fact that the Bible has been proven to be true and accurate through archaeology, history and science.

Observation says: We are here and we are made of something.

Common Sense says: You can’t get something from nothing, all by itself, no matter how long you wait, because God didn’t even do it that way.

Science says: The something we are made of is made of something else, tracing its way back through what has to be the lowest common denominator of creation, which also has to be a self-existing source of eternal energy, with the intelligence, the will, the volition, the desire and the ability to bring about creation on purpose, and not by some very lucky accident of-and-by self-existing, non-intelligent energy, matter and the laws of physics. And if all that is not bad enough, all of the above just happens to represent a functional intelligence, and not the accidental “blind luck” of evolution and self-existing entities, even if those entities could self-exist in the first place, which they can’t.

If what I’m saying here is the truth (and it is), it is not only absolute proof of the existence of God, it even more-so proves that the “theory” of evolution is a bold face lie, due to the main premise that the self-existing “tiny speck” (of infinite density) supposedly produced the big bang. And that event, supposedly brought about time, space and matter, all the while they (as well as the laws of nature/science/physics) already existed at, and before the big bang – banged its way into existence – from all of that supposed nothing. Houston, we have a problem and it is seated in secular education/academia!

Geniuses like Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow and the Dirty Jobs guy have the audacity to call that tiny speck “NOTHING”, even though it is anything but; and you certainly would not want it stuck under your eye lid, which would further prove the point.

Hawking and Mlodinow say (in The Grand Design, on page 180) that because of gravity you can get the whole universe from nothing, all-the-while deferring to Chapter 6 as proof, which ultimately says by context and content that that is not true. They get to start their version of the universe with something they are allowed to call “nothing”, and especially in the face of self-existing laws, energy, matter, time and whatever amount of space or non-space they came into fruition from, within or without whatever it took for all of those self-existing entities to formulate themselves into the big bang and/or whatever part quantum and/or vacuum fluctuations supposedly played in their version of creation.

Note: Giving special regard to self-existing energy, matter, and the laws of science is not only the worst kind of science, it is the worst kind of idolatry and nature-worship that gets us into the trouble outlined in Rom 1:18-32. And is also exactly what atheists accuse believers of doing with their various false gods and where and how we came from.

Paul R. Kerr