The Preamble and the American Way of Life

When we hear someone say, Al-Qaeda is attacking “our American way of life,” what does that mean? Just what is the American way of life? One has to base the attack and any attack for that matter in and on God’s permissive or divine will, and lay it on the doorstep of Proverbs 16:7: When a man’s ways please the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” I think this goes for men, women and nations as well as individuals. And one has to also conclude it is that which the government and courts have endorsed, created or allowed. If the American way of life is a term that we use to say something good about America we had better reign in those whose view is something different.

I think it’s fair to say that the American Way of Life as we desire it to be, should mirror the words of the Preamble. How much of the Preamble can you fill with your immorality of all sorts, blaspheme to and of God, violence, and degradation and still have it be what the words reflect – the positive life that those words project? Freedom of speech was never meant to include a host of four letter words, pornography, flag burning and any other expression malcontents use to show that they are “somebody” and they “got” rights. By law, abortion and porn are part of the American way of life and are supposedly supported by the Constitution and it obviously has some degree of support among the populous. If our American Way of Life includes the Bill of Rights – that allows freedom of speech to include using God’s name in vain, freedom to choose includes abortion and freedom of expression to include pornography – it isn’t freedom – it’s license. Abuse of freedom leads to bondage. If we drop the standard of God in measuring right and wrong, we will gravitate to and adopt the standard of, “do whatever feels good.” Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” I know that “Biblical direction” is hard for a secularist to accept but history has proven there is a scrapheap of nations that have followed the “enlightened route” only to be destroyed by exercising their “freedoms of excess.”

If we let them persist, the whole nation will become a stench in the nostrils of God and He will do something about it that will affect all of us. Make no mistake – if God objects, He will send a wake up call. If He is ignored, He will send judgment. If we don’t remove the rotten apples from the barrel as they rot, they will bring us all down. Thanks to the, “you’re okay, I’m okay” liberals, we – by law – can’t do anything about them.

The liberals let people run amuck because they don’t feel that they have the right to tell them how to behave or live their lives and if they do, they fear they will have a big fight on their hands which they are not prepared to endure. They feel they don’t have the authority to boss others around even if it means destruction to the ship of state. Make no mistake about it; that fight is a fight for freedom just as we fight a war with another nation who is encroaching upon our land. Even though Abraham Lincoln was speaking of the Civil War, his words “ If we do not make common cause to save the good old ship of the Union on this voyage, nobody will have a chance to pilot her on another voyage ” also pertains to judgment on individual and national sins. Unrepentant sin to a nation is like dry rot to the hull of a ship. If this nation ever falls, the rest of the world is in great jeopardy.

If you have a Constitutional right to use God’s name in vain, the Constitution is wrong. If you have a Constitutional right to kill babies, the Constitution is wrong. If you have a Constitutional right to riot, (which you don’t) the Constitution is wrong. The problem as I see it isn’t the Constitution but the modern-day interpretation of it, blended with the fact that no one respects the God of the Bible. Giving people rights that infringe on God’s right to rule over His creation isn’t freedom – it’s trespassing.

We should support death to tyrants and anybody that fits: “That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, (of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness) it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.” The liberal steamroller forged ahead for forty or so years and 1994 signaled a change to a more conservative agenda and way of thinking. We are right now involved in a great struggle with the forces of “old” that don’t want to relinquish power even though they have no new agenda or plan to get us to a better state of affairs both politically and especially morally. To them, morals and moral people are to be laughed at, scoffed at, and the brunt of jokes by late night comedians.

If the American way of life includes planned obsolescence; cars that break down long before they should and a host of other things that would put those companies in the category of, “every imagination of the thought of their hearts were continually evil” and the category of, “do unto others before they do it unto you,” it most certainly will come under God’s judgment. But even these things are not allowed to happen by accident, they are part of the judgment that God allows and directs onto people that are getting the government and other institutions they deserve. Why should Canada pay less for the same drugs (that are produced in this country) that we have to pay more for? Judgment! Why do we have a media that has selective memory and indignation? Judgment! Why do we have politicians who will give away everything he/she does not own? Judgment! Why are our borders open to illegal immigration and Washington D.C. will do nothing about it? Judgment! When people turn bad, government follows – we get the government we deserve. As Pogo said many years ago: “we have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda are trying to destroy the land of the Constitution – where we can worship God in the way we choose or worse yet, worship the god of our choice (and in this case they may have God’s help) we are to worship Him in the way He chooses. There are people in politics, media, entertainment and business who are offended on behalf of the sons and daughters of disobedience and seem to be working for society’s overthrow. The question is: does God send them because He is offended with our American way of life? God may very well allow the protests even if the protestors are wrong on many fronts themselves. It fits the Biblical pattern where God uses even more ungodly people to bring judgment upon “His own” when they have turned away from His guidance. Who is more wrong, the ones that are politically stupid or the ones calling themselves Christian that are ignorant of their Bibles and do all sorts of things that offend God?

The Bill of Rights was added to the south side of the Constitution because of what was written concerning the abuses stated in the Declaration of Independence. It was written in deist form to appease other deists as well as nonbelievers. The Constitution is the manual for running the government, which was radically different from what the English had in place. The Declaration of Independence stated why we wanted that change and the abuses enumerated in the Declaration of Independence are addressed in the Bill of Rights. The believing forefathers exercised “old fashioned faith” based on faith in a God that punishes evildoers.

The Constitution does not give you the right to riot and destroy someone else’s property. Abraham Lincoln said: “Property is the fruit of labor – property is desirable – is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich, shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let him not who is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.” Take that, Jessie Jackson and all the rest of you liberal socialistic so-and-sos. Communists were, in their own way, trying to live a Preamble type of life and they would kill you in order to promote it. What they were trying to do was, to secure all the blessings of God without being a blessing to God and/or without even acknowledging His existence – after all, belief in God only complicates the lives of secularists because it dares to put a possible reason for “bad luck,” and the socialist’s need to find a way of negating or getting around any possible judgment by throwing money at a particular problem.

The liberals are trying to win the battle by giving away everything to potential voters, but the U.S. will lose the war. As we move further away from God we move closer to government programs and insurance to give us the American Way of life. Sovereign nations will fail and fall into the hands of others. We need to bear prejudice against liberals for the damage they have done and will do to this country if left to themselves.

The WTC attacks of ‘93 and ‘01, (9-11), and if the book, The Third Terrorist, in reference the 4-19-95 Oklahoma City bombing is correct, it proves ongoing intent by Middle Eastern terrorists. Whether or not the same people planned all of the attacks, one can only presume they did, but if not, it may be the Mt. Everest syndrome – because it was there. Because God allowed it to happen we should take it as a warning to our version of the American way of life. As I stated before, the Bible says, “When your ways please the Lord, even your enemies will be at peace with you” (Proverbs 16:7). Well, maybe there’s just a slight chance that our ways, in the U.S. and the ways of people around the world are not pleasing to God and He may be letting us know about it. Ever since Ishmael and Isaac, things between the Israelis and the Arab peoples have been at high tension, if not, all-out war. But in 1972 at the Olympics in Munich, Germany, trouble spilled onto the world stage and has been growing and expanding ever since.
Their idea must simply be to destroy this nation because if they ever take it over, they won’t know what to do with it any more than they would with their own country. They would just turn this nation into another Third World cesspool like the one they came from. That could just possibly be God’s plan. When you look around the world and all the nations that used to be the “top dog” at one time in history and the fact that they are now an ongoing Third World cesspool, history has proven that the nation that forgets God – God will forget. “And forgets” in such a way that they don’t even know how to ask for mercy drops, let alone showers of blessings.

It would have made more sense for the super righteous Al-Qaedaites to attack the corporate headquarter buildings of the ACLU, Hustler, Penthouse and Playboy magazines and/or Hollywood and other purveyors of the decadent American lifestyle, than the trade towers, the Pentagon and the Capitol or Whitehouse, but to each his own.

The standard not only comes down to, what is the American way of life but what is a good man or person? The term “good” has an opposite – bad. Who determines what is good or what is bad? We have to use God’s standard. I believe most atheists and evolutionists abhor the dog-eat-dog attitude among human beings and would call that bad behavior. That is just one more inconsistency in their view of life. Without the God of the Bible being in the hearts of the people, life will most certainly be dog-eat-dog and very unpleasant. Most of the people causing trouble in the world today are “religious” but how many are truly Godly according to the Biblical standard?

It is really funny how the liberals and atheists can point out all the parts of the Bible that highlight the brutality of God and are offended by that, yet are not bothered by the fact that evolution and dog-eat-dog is perfectly normal and is to be excused as a part of evolution. They should not be offended when they hear about these horrendous crimes man carries out on their fellow man, because it is a natural part of evolution and dog-eat-dog. If there is no God, then all the horror we see going in the world is normal (so get used to it) and if there is a loving God (as the Bible claims) then all the wars, rumors of wars, disease, disasters, bad government and anything else that is causing chaos, discontent, hatred and ulcers is (according to the Bible) also normal because God is going to judge sin no matter what you or I personally think about it. He doesn’t need our permission to rule over His creation in the way He sees fit. It’s His cloud and if you don’t like it – get off, but don’t think you can do that by killing yourself because the Bible also says, when you die your spirit goes back to God who gave it and the body simply turns back to dust. The electricity that keeps our heart going is the spirit – from God. The bottom line is, you either get along with God on His terms or “that spirit” will be spending eternity alone and that is just part of the “Hell” to be avoided.

On 11-30-05, while addressing the Naval Academy at Annapolis, President (GW) Bush read an E-letter from a dead service man’s computer that stated; if you are reading this it is because I am dead and I don’t regret dying for the Iraqi’s freedom so they can live the life we do. Which type of life is that, the Preamble type or the decadent type? All life lost to promote or allow the decadent way of life is a complete waste and not worth it. I’ll go you one further; no life lost in any war has ever been worth it – but it has unfortunately been necessary either due to tyrants on their own or tyrants acting on God’s behalf. Preserving freedom has a price but trying to preserve the freedom to sin has a greater price because you may be fighting against God Himself if He is trying to send a message or judgment. In those cases where the enemy is slaughtered, it could be that God considers them “canon fodder” and they were used as a wake-up call for us.

The liberals also are trying to take down our country, as we know it and its freedoms for all, and ruin our American way of life as exemplified by the Preamble. The only success they could possibly have is if our American way of life flies in the face of God. He can create enemies both foreign and domestic to bring judgment on the sons and daughters of disobedience. The liberals are most responsible for the moral decline in this country and God is using them as the domestic enemy to further bring us down (after the order of Balak and Balaam).

The Preamble’s version of freedom is based on righteousness while the liberal’s version is based on excess. They and their agents are fighting the Preamble’s “American way of life” tooth and nail. They are in effect saying, nobody has the right to make me be good and if too many fellow citizens board that ship of state, it will be headed for the rocks. Just for the record, there is nothing wrong with being good.

If our modern, American way of life is flawed and that flaw is not recognized by those on the Right then they miss the whole ideal of “intelligent patriotism” because their eye is not on the Bible’s version of what is wrong and what is right. The Constitution does not give us the right to break the law and if it does, it’s wrong, because it goes against the Bible’s teaching that, for instance, if you lust after a woman you are guilty of committing adultery in your heart. And if you carry out that lust, you are putting your physical health and your length of life on the line. If you are wondering how sexual sins could possibly affect you other than AIDS and a host of other venereal diseases (as if that isn’t enough) please read the book of Proverbs to find out the rest of the story. If you still don’t think that this relates as a “cause and effect” issue, take under consideration the freedom to smoke; I think cigarettes are termed coffin nails, and aptly so.

Who makes ghettos or slums? People do. You don’t have to be rich to be clean. Instead of the, not so reverend, Jessie Jackson teaching the people to say, “I am somebody,” he should have been teaching civility and self-reliance. Do you want to know why a lot of whites think they are better than a lot of blacks? Because they are. Do you want to know why a lot of blacks think they are better than a lot of whites? Because they are. If you are civil you are better than those who are not, no matter what race you belong to. If you are safe, driving or walking through another person’s neighborhood, they are civil. If their neighborhood is safe from you, as you are walking through it, you are civil, and you are by the Biblical definition, neighbors, no matter what the race, creed, color or geography.

All races should hate incivility the same. If a member of your race commits a crime against that of another, you should be the first to prosecute that person and not seek to protect them from the justice they deserve. That in itself shows reverse racial prejudice. In the case of blacks and them thinking the whites drew first blood (in the issue of slavery) let us remember that the first people that should be socked for any kind of reparations is the blacks that sold their “brothers” to the slavers. Any thought of reparations and subsequent payments should come out of the Southern States that made up the Confederacy and while we’re opening that can of worms, let them also reimburse the North for the cost of the war that gave freedom to the slaves which enables them to even ask for those reparations in the second place, because if they were still salves they wouldn’t be able to ask for anything.

What a baby goes through coming into this world can’t be pleasant and the birth of black people coming to this nation was more brutal, cruel and even wicked, but the blacks are here and should be happy that they are, because this is the greatest nation on the face of the earth in terms of opportunity – just ask George Washington Carver (a child of slaves) and countless other famous and successful blacks. Let God get revenge on what the black and white slavers did in and by bringing the blacks to this nation via slavery and against their will.

Joseph (of the Bible) was about to be killed by some of his brothers but was sold into slavery instead. And from there he was falsely accused of sexual assault and thrown into prison for several years and would have been there for who knows how long but God opened the doors and put him, a non-Egyptian, second in charge of the whole nation. He wasn’t crying about it and once free he didn’t seek revenge but acknowledged it was God’s will, for a bigger and better purpose.

The quality of life in this country sure beats the quality of life living in a jungle or a barren desert and a very short life span. People are spending a lot of money and risking their lives coming to this country so they can make a decent living. In a lot of cases they are putting themselves into slavery with low wages and long hours in bad working conditions. Who are they going to blame for their plight? Personally I blame our inept government with a no border policy and the immigrant’s desperate need to make money by coming to a country that will take care of them better than their own. As inept as we are at controlling the borders, if Mexico would give Mexico to the U.S. we could turn that country into a powerhouse of economic stability and good fortune for all. Why can’t the Mexican government do it?

Since I have made mention of the Preamble, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence, I think this is a good place to refresh our memories as to how it reads and definitions of some of the key words that show the quality of what we are capable of living if we would just follow God. We’re talking the quality of life difference between the Leave it to Beaver family and the family of Ozzy Osbourne.

Preamble: We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Tranquil: calm, peaceful, quiet–well, there goes rock and roll. I knew it was unconstitutional.
Justice: Just conduct; fair dealing. 1. Right: fair. 2 Righteous: a just life.
Perfect: Without defect; faultless.
Promote: To raise in rank, condition, or importance. To help grow or develop.
Provide: To supply; furnish.
Welfare: The state or condition of doing or being well; health, happiness and prosperity.

We treat the Preamble as a potted plant but in reality it is the meat and potatoes of the Constitution. It gives us the definition of what the American Way of Life should be and if you compare it to that which the liberal courts and our own propensity for sidestepping the Ten Commandments have done, you come up with a formula for disaster. The Ten Commandments and the Preamble should equal the American Way of Life and to do otherwise is like you deliberately clamping a pair of Vice Grips on your finger and wondering why it hurts. If you think that sounds stupid, just think of all the people that smoke and wonder why they got lung cancer. In the famous words of Forest Gump; “stupid is as stupid does.”

President Bush said, “we have freedom in America and everybody deserves freedom.” That is not a Biblical statement. Bad people doing bad things don’t deserve freedom. Does the American way of life include all manner of sin that God finds repugnant? If the answer is yes, there is trouble coming. We will be delivered into the hands of such people as P.T. Barnum that said, “there is a sucker born every minute,” and such institutions as Madison Avenue who is always looking for a way to separate people from their money. Cursed people have a hole in their pocket and they don’t know where their money is going. There is a host of people and institutions that are seeking to bleed us dry and we are the reason why and God is letting it, and/or making it happen. Planned obsolesce in many of the products we buy isn’t for our benefit, it is for the direct benefit of those that produce the item – so we will have to buy them twice. We will also be delivered into the hands of tyrants and politicians who only want to line their pockets and the pockets of their contributor friends.

How can anyone possibly read into the Preamble; kiddy porn, drug abuse, adultery, abortion, murder, all forms of stealing, and anything else that liberals seem to consider part of “a more perfect union”, or “established justice” or “insuring domestic tranquility” or that these abuses of mankind by mankind can in any way be considered promoting “the general welfare?” Who can even begin to consider these abuses as any type of blessing to anybody but a Sodom and Gomorrahite? How does any form of degraded lifestyle even begin to fit into any part of the Preamble and have the Preamble still be a bright light and a beacon to people that are seeking to escape their Third World dung holes and head to a land of liberty, prosperity and opportunity?

If the major tenets of your “tranquil” life include abortion, lusting, adultery, fornication, lying, cheating, stealing, using God’s name in vain and any of a host of other things contrary to the Ten Commandments, you are not living The American Way of Life the way it was planned by those writing the Preamble and the Constitution. You are living a Declaration of Independence type of life from God. You are turning from a life of dependence on God to a life of dependence on mankind and that is one of the reasons why insurance has become such a big part of our lives. If God does or allows something bad to enter our lives we can negate the effects of that occurrence except for death, and then however, the heirs will still receive a monetary benefit form that death. Years ago pagan people used to sacrifice to various gods for protection against loss and injury – today we use insurance the same way. After people discovered the God of the Bible, they petitioned Him for those protections and just ate the losses that slipped by Him but with insurance, even those losses (except death) can be recovered – so who really needs God? After all, He only gives us every heartbeat and every breath of life we breathe.

With liberty comes freedom and freedom unchecked leads to Third World dung holes and the desire to escape to a better place, where they can have what? Freedom. Freedom of choice to kill babies or not, freedom to express yourself in vulgar ways, freedom to be a criminal where you have court appointed attorneys to get you off the hook for that which you did and you knew was wrong at the time.

Notice the words: “and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” They do not fit the words of Justice Breyer when he talks about the interpretation of the Constitution changing to reflect the changes in society. Our posterity deserves the same blessings we have and as our relatives of the past enjoyed and you can’t have those guarantees be on a sliding scale. The whole idea of the Constitution was to preserve a quality way of life that the framers knew to be right and should long-endure. You have to change with the business climate but not with issues of morality if you expect to be a truly progressive (in the proper sense) society. The only other things that have to be considered “living” come along with the issues like that of slavery. It is only right and good that we came out of that “dark time” into the paths of light, yet we have to realize that those issues were started by generations past and also realize that old habits and prejudices may be hard to break especially if they are little better than animals themselves. Take note of the language of the authors of the Declaration of Independence when he says, “and ( the king of England ) has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.” In time, everybody can change from what they were taught – to doing what is right. No one, however, should have government sponsored or endorsed freedom to sin.

Some guy was saying originalists look at the Constitution as a sacred document and the liberals look at it as a living document that needs to change with the times, or at least the interpretation. It may not be sacred but it needs to be long lasting. The thing about “the living” view is, that it changes for good and/or bad. I think we are in a bad stretch now. For instance, there is no such thing, as a right to privacy if it comes down to premeditated crimes against God or man – but under liberal interpretation – it does. If you as a policeman, follow a bad guy until he robs a liquor store and then you arrest him, you as the police officer, are the bad guy because you “set up” and “entrapped” the bad guy. Such is the mind of a liberal.

If the modernist is so big on a living document then they should realize that it is/was dealing with the realities of life under King George and the moral climate had little to do with the Bill of rights and Declaration of Independence as in wanting the right to be profane – it had everything to do with the human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the moral climate of the day. And since the Constitution was written in the moral climate of the day, that style of interpretation has to be thought of and maintained before we go jumping off into “it’s a changing document” so we can keep up with the degrading morals of these (and past) “modern” times. The Constitution and its accompanying sister documents and their interpretations should be maintained if the Constitution is to have any long lasting viability and credibility at all. They set up what life should be and not what it has become.

What problem does the liberal secularist have about saying NO, to things that degrade life? Only in the liberal Democrat politic can a man or woman be called “radical” or “out of the main stream” or “extreme” for standing against homo-sex, all types of porn, late-term abortions, same sex marriage and all the rest. Those who are for such things consider themselves “enlightened” or “progressive.” Just for the record, the “mainstream” (under liberal interpretation) eventually goes over the waterfall of God’s judgment.

A person can get sick and tired of all the back and forth wrangling about what the Constitution says about this or that but when is the last time “they” read the Preamble to the Constitution and thought about those words as they apply to their ACLU slanted view of the various freedoms. How can anyone get any kind of an interpretation to the permissiveness that the ACLU and other liberals are actually trying to bring about? Not wanting to hurt people’s feelings is one thing but aiding and abetting sin and perversion is another. How can you be tolerant of prostitution, adultery, homo-sex, porn, unconventional marriage and even dare to expect a – Preamble quality of life? Sin and freedom are like oil and water. Never the twain shall meet, but leave it to the liberals to try and use the courts to homogenize the two into one permanent state of existence.

Why is it not okay to stack the Supreme Court with conservative, moral valued originalists, that respect family values but it is okay to stack the court with (you’re okay, I’m okay) ACLUers who have no such moral values?

If anyone’s lifestyle is going to be shoved down the throat of anyone else it should be the lifestyle of the moral being shoved down the throat of the immoral. Their lifestyle goes against Biblical Christianity and they seem to have more problems with gambling, drugs, alcohol, debt and any other thing that causes the misery to skyrocket, that the liberal social engineers are trying to cure by throwing money at what they perceive to be the problem. Sinners get blindsided by their lifestyles and they can’t figure out why. You don’t have to watch too many hours of COPS on TV to see a common thread of misery that runs through that part of society. We don’t see too much of the “Jet Set” misery on TV but it is there nonetheless. There are two different classes of people hooked on the same drugs and alcohol.

The Preamble states the ideal and highlights the mechanics of what the Constitution explains in working detail. The Constitution is the nuts and bolts (mechanically speaking) on how to get the Preamble off the parchment and implanted into our everyday life. It explains how to keep us in the proper interpretation of what “quality of life” really is, as stated in the Preamble. It cannot grow or evolve into other meanings and still retain what the founding fathers had in mind and what God accepts as a moral life.

I can see that the founding Fathers didn’t have a clue how bad society would degrade and they didn’t realize that God is there to bring about judgment no matter what the Constitution supposedly guarantees. I think they were a little intellectually shallow on the Word of God but they also had to walk a fine line in giving us religious freedoms so that we didn’t turn into that which we were fleeing from in the Old World. There is a difference between Biblical Christianity and the many man-made versions.

If the Preamble is a “living” document (and words mean anything at all) that can all of a sudden or over time can be degraded by immorality, how is that good? If the foundation of a building deteriorates, the rest of the building is in peril. The foundation cannot be subject to change. It has to remain the same. The Preamble is not subject to change and its success is dependant upon the morality of the people it seeks to serve. It’s the most unread or ignored part of the Constitution that explains why the Constitution exists in the first place: “do ordain and establish this Constitution for ( the benefit of, not the destruction of ) the United States of America.” How do you get any better quality of life than what is stated in the Preamble if you include wholesale sin into the mixture.

The ideal of the American way of life is expressed in the Preamble and summed up in: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal… That this nation (under God) shall have a new birth of freedom; and that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Lincoln’s Gettysburg address was due to the civil war but if this nation stays divided on moral and political levels, another civil war may be in our future. The polarity of this nation is so thick, right now, that you can cut it with a knife. How shall we not perish from the earth if this nation is founded on freedoms that include immorality?

The formula for a successful and blessed American way of life is when you link the Preamble to the Ten Commandments. If the major tenets of your version of a tranquil life, justice of all, a perfect union and promoting the general welfare include, abortion, adultery, fornication, lying, cheating, stealing, swearing in general and using God’s name in vain in particular and blatant materialism then your version of the American way of life is built on a foundation of sand. That foundation of sand will include getting and being stuck with the government we deserve such as of the type King George represented; that the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights set out to eliminate. Those are wonderful documents providing the people deserve the blessings of liberty; otherwise God will use them against us in His court of law.

The Constitution prefaced by the Preamble does not promote the ACLU’s version of a “Perfect Union” or “Domestic Tranquility” or “General Welfare” and can’t possibly “Secure the Blessings of Liberty” to anybody, let alone “Ourselves or our Posterity” if we are busy killing, robbing, raping and generally treating each other with the most shabby of manners. The Constitution was not brought about to protect or defend debauchery and debauchery does not tend to define the ideals stated in the Preamble, the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution in any way, shape or form. There is nothing domestically tranquil about gang violence, any type of porn, swearing, flag burning, rioting, etc; therefore those things are unconstitutional instead of being counted as freedoms. If your tranquility includes tearing up other people’s things, your version is wrong. Is your liberty true liberty or is it just license and/or excess? Please remember Abraham Lincoln’s words concerning property, from above.

Domestic tranquility does not promote or advocate the ACLU morality. Don’t throw out the Ten Commandments with the bathwater just because they (the ALCU) don’t believe them and we don’t adhere to them the way we should. Sin, like water, seeks the lowest level. It’s our job to be dam builders and regulate that flow. We need to maintain the originalist interpretation of the Constitution if we are to be successful. The Preamble puts the Constitution into proper context in an ever-expanding society. Morality does not and should not come in and out of fashion.

I hear all this long drawn out talk about the Constitution and what it is. It’s just a detailed way of explaining how to implement the Preamble and solve the problems contained in the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights specifically targets those problems. And we have to remember that those problems were due to King George and his fight to keep possession of the colonies. Freedom of speech was for the purpose of redress of grievances and not using foul language, nudity, flag burning and any other offensive activity in the name of “freedom.” At least half of the Bill of Rights came directly out of the grievances set forth in the Declaration of Independence and had to do with political freedoms and not the desire of the colonists to publish pornography.

Freedom of speech demands responsibility, integrity and therefore accountability for what is said and how it is said, just as shouting “fire” in a crowded theater should be considered a bad idea. In the actual case of a fire it can be done in a responsible way or a way that would not cause a stampede. Conversely, shouting “fire” in an empty theater could hardly be prosecuted but the mental state of the person doing the shouting should be evaluated.

The Bill of Rights ties the Constitution to the Declaration of Independence and between both – they give reason and guidance on how to form and maintain a government that will insure that we live the life stated in the Preamble. And we certainly have the right to protect it from enemies – both foreign and domestic.

It’s pretty scary how “good” Christian people can support and vote for people that seem bent on turning the world into Sodom and Gomorrah. How does that old saying go? ” All that is needed for the wicked to thrive is for good people to do nothing.”

The Constitution is a very complex document that points to the simple truth of the Preamble and the quality life it promotes. I don’t think the founding Fathers made the Preamble hard to understand so the Constitution, which is complex, is not as complex as the “Living Constitution” crowd would have us believe. There is a trilogy in the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble and the Constitution. The Preamble and the Constitution are contained in one document but the Preamble and the Declaration of Independence are joined together in two separate documents and the Bill of Rights is the glue that holds them together. The foundation of them all is the Ten Commandments. They are tied together in a way that the liberals don’t like. The Declaration of Independence prominently mentions God as the giver of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (which really sticks in the craw of liberals and atheists). The Preamble to the Constitution falls right into line with a safe and peaceful common existence that evolution cannot provide because of the dog-eat-dog nature of evolution and survival of the fittest. The development of a growing and vibrant nation with all its struggles is one thing but civility is a must to maintain. The whole of the Bible (Old and New Testaments) offer a peaceful Preamble type of life to all those that live in accordance with God’s rules such as is mentioned in 2 Tim. 2:2 where Paul admonishes Timothy to pray for those in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable (tranquil) life. And once again, let’s not forget that if our ways please the Lord, even our enemies will be at peace with us and as I said, I think that goes nationally and personally.

As I have said for years, “separation of church and state is a must but separation of God and state is an impossibility. All the warnings against religion were not because of God but what man did with his religion as he attempted to please God. That’s why freedom of religion is paramount. But to deny the existence of God and impugn the Ten Commandments as oppressive is to deny and disavow the Preamble and what it desires to do for us and not to us.

If a baby is about to stick a bobby pin into an electrical outlet it had better hear and obey the word, NO! This applies to all aspects of life and what we see as freedom. The baby has the freedom (of movement and curious will) to stick the pin in the outlet but because of its ignorance, it does not realize the consequences of exercising that freedom. The baby may cry if you don’t let it proceed but it will be better off if the act is not done. It’s the same with the Ten Commandments – there are penalties with the breaking thereof. Compliance has to be a volunteered response on an individual level, but when society gets into the wholesale public offending by sin (with permission of the Constitution) they have to be dealt with for the common good and survival of mankind and the nation.

The Preamble has to be attached to the Ten Commandments and then be properly attached to the Declaration of Independence for a complete understanding of how it is all supposed to work. There has to be a consistent standard. Bitter and sweet water doesn’t come out of the same well. Remember, the “mainstream” is headed to a waterfall of God’s judgment. Wide is the road that leads to destruction and narrow is the road that leads to life.

When considering the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution I fail to see how defense attorneys are trying to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to anybody but the guilty. They are out of hand and out of control. They presume you have a Constitutional right to break the law. They value, “innocent until proven guilty,” for all crime and all criminals and ignore common sense. I call them Constitutional perverts. They are the psychotics of the political arena. They have forgotten or possibly never knew that God looks upon the intent of the heart.

What part of a revolving door for child molesting, murdering perverts (or any other serious repetitive crime/criminal) can possibly fit into or be a part of, a more perfect Union – and even daring to think that those liberal policies are insuring domestic tranquility, promoting the general welfare, securing the blessings of liberty much-less providing for the common defense of the people of the United States either in domestic or national struggles? The Constitution today looks more like Swiss cheese than it does the foundational document it started out as. Giving known bad guys equal rights to that of good guys is a golden cash cow given to liberal lawyers by liberal legislators (who are more than likely lawyers). That is about the closest thing you will ever see to a money tree – which only a certain few are able (more like immoral enough) to pick from.

The Ten Commandments are a foundation to the Preamble and Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Quite naturally the founding Fathers could not put that in print because it would promote Judeo/Christianity and could turn out to be as bad as what they were trying to escape when fleeing from Europe and other places. They wanted the freedom to worship God and not shove Him down anyone’s throat. But you don’t want the secularists to take over either because they will try to remove any thought of God from the people and shove their morality (or the lack thereof) down the throat of the silent majority. There again, we have to consider the old admonition: ” All that is needed for the wicked to thrive is for good people to do nothing.” There are world wars, international conflicts and domestic war, all of which can cause the loss of life. As mentioned above, no loss of life is ever good but it is sometimes necessary for the survival of the peace, prosperity and happiness, which most people desire. Evil is something that needs to be stopped – just make sure it isn’t God allowed or God generated in His attempt to get us back to His version of morality.