Representative Government

We get the government we deserve. Not many people like to hear these words. In America it is truer than most any other nation on the face of the earth. How can bad people generate good government? At the same time I ask that question I know that most people don’t think of themselves as bad in terms of everyday living. The term “bad” does not mean the general population are robbers, killers, rapists, etc. I’m speaking in Bibical (Ten Commandment) terms.

A person I know, thought it was a bad idea to let the people vote on various political issues, i.e., abortion, capital punishment, etc. He thought that people in government were better suited for those kinds of decisions. Those few representatives come from all the people and there is no way that they can represent everybody’s view on any given issue. Therefore the representative knows that his or her vote is going to alienate a large portion of voters and therefore has a vested interest in avoiding a controversial issue. Why couldn’t a person vote on the line item veto, abortion, capital punishment, gun control, the ERA, balanced budget amendment and any other issue at the same time he/she is voting people into office? However, even with this power, we will still get the government we deserve. Voting on the major issues will only prove to be an instant gauge of the peoples desire – which can change like the direction of the wind.

When we fail to live by and deal with each other in the Ten Commandment terms; I call it bad, and that way of life is rampant today. I think Matthew 7:17-19 illustrates this principle very well. Bad fruit comes from a bad tree. If the tree is good the fruit will be good. If the people are bad the government will be bad. Common sense should dictate this truth.

We today somehow think that bad government is an entity of its own. Where was the bad government when the Pilgrims came over here? They thought they left it behind, but in point of fact, they brought it with them. It lies deep in the fabric of mankind. Time and sin is what usually brings it to the surface. As people fall away from their moral roots, bad government will be inevitable. It’s not like it springs upon us like a wild animal; it is what we seem to be asking for. We have free and open elections. Anyone who wants to, can vote.

In the above-mentioned scripture (Matthew 7:17-19) verse 19 has the word “hewn” in it. It comes from two words that mean to cut off or shear and to frustrate or hinder. To cut off and frustrate will be the outcome of all nations that try and live without God. Frustrated, greatly describes the American voter today. We jump back and forth from one person to another and from one party to another and it doesn’t seem to get any better.

There is a bigger reason as to why we get the government we deserve. That reason is us and our relationship with God. On 06-04-89, there was a big flap in Washington D.C. about ethics in government, or as it turned out, the lack of ethics. The innocent wide-eyed press was all in a huff about the corruption in our government. On 06-01-89, ABC had a special, hosted by Sam Donaldson on this question. They pointed out most of the major problems, but as usual, failed to point out the major reason for the problems. The reason, once again, is us. We have a bunch of corrupt people voting their peers into office. Why should anyone think that we the (corrupt) people are somehow able to vote an honest “representative” into office? “We the people,” are the problem. 1 Sam 12:14, and 25 should be general knowledge to this nations population. 14. If ye will fear the LORD, and serve him, and obey his voice, and not rebel against the commandment of the LORD, then shall both ye and also the king that reigneth over you continue following the LORD your God: 25. But if ye shall still do wickedly, ye shall be consumed, both ye and your king.

The key word is representative. That person not only represents all the people of his or her district, but that person comes out from “among” the people, and this is where God comes into the situation. He will see to it that we have the government we deserve. Why should someone we elect to office be more honest than us? Make no mistake about it; I think a poll would strongly indicate that most people think that people in authority should be of high moral character. If we lie, cheat, steal, and all the rest, why do the press or we get upset when someone in Washington D.C. is doing the same thing? Why is there a higher calling for them than for us? We are all created by God, and obligated to obey His rules. When we don’t, then we can expect things to go badly. (See: GOD AND STATE, and SLAVERY).

I have a hard time believing the press is full of spotless individuals. They act like they are strangers to sin. The trouble is, they don’t think what they do wrong is sin. Some of them steal supplies from work, cheat on their spouses, lie, drive drunk, and who knows what else. I think the real problem is rebellion to God’s authority, and the press is a tool being used to fuel the fires of rebellion. (See: News Media). The GOD AND STATE scriptures point out that God has set up governments and gives them their authority and places whomever he wishes, over them. (See: Daniel 4:17.) Let’s all remember that it is God that gave the devil his authority as seen in Matthew Chapter 4, and Romans 13:1-7 goes on to explain it a little further.

If we take the time to see God’s view, we will see that government is the authority on earth. Whether good or evil, they are there to serve out God’s purposes. His purposes all revolve around what we are doing and how we are doing it. If we are living for Him, things will go well with us. If we are living for our own interests, and ourselves we can expect problems.

Problems can very well come from small groups of people, that either plague small segments of society in their small numbers, or develop into governments that plague the whole world, such as the cases with Hitler, and the writings of Marx. The rebellion of mankind and the writings of Marx just didn’t happen. We can now see that Communism is not all it was cracked up to be. Seventy years in Russia and forty years in China have proven that it was a curse on those, and many other nations as well. It oppressed the free spirit of mankind. God cut off the free spirit-freedom, for sins against Him. They were, if you will, in bondage for seventy and forty years. China has some more time to do.

Part of bad government allows killers, rapists, child molesters, robbers, thieves (including habitual bad check writers) to have equal rights with the honest citizen. The constitution outlaws slavery “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted…” Article 13, Section 1.

For the aforementioned people to be protected by the constitution at the expense and jeopardy of the law abiding, is truly an attack on the integrity and security of a nation. One, or some of the founding fathers said that the constitution in the hands of virtueless people, would not work. I, for years, have called them constitutional perverts. In point of fact, God has raised them up to rule over the ungodly and the really mind-bending part is that we voted for them or we voted for the people that “hired” the ones making those unbelievable decisions.

It is my contention that the sin of the people moves God to not only bring daily judgment upon us but makes sure that we get the government we deserve. When that God given government (Romans 13:1 (1-7)) is upon us, we protest against it and want something better. When that doesn’t work out, we want to try something else again. God is the key to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not government, not a piece of parchment which may be subject to the interpretation of corrupt representatives that are sent there by the hand of God – even though we voted for them.

Someone told me that Communism would have worked if it had functioned like it was suppose to. It was doomed from the beginning because they threw out God; the only person that could have made it work. We also have to remember that Communism was not as much of an ideology as it was a curse upon the people and their corrupt government. Lenin and others thought they deserved a better life. Communism was a curse, not a blessing. Trying to COMMUNE, without God, brought about Communism as the world saw it or in some cases lived under it. Time and history have proved it was a curse not a blessing.

I think the founding fathers did not consider the God of the Bible when they signed the Constitution and put themselves under the binding contract of the words: “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, (otherwise known as God) we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” Paul Harvey presents a lengthy story on what happened to those signers. It was not pretty. It was kind of like this nation was started with God’s permissive will instead of His divine will.

All nations that forget God will go by the wayside. Rome is a good example of a nation that was not conquered but just fell. As you watch television, listen to the radio, and read the various print media, you can see the demise of our government right before your eyes. This latest (1996) shutdown of government and other things you see dealing with stubbornness on the part of mankind and his vested interests, show how the government is getting weaker and more ineffective. The courts of law and its inability to keep criminals off the streets, close votes in elections means that about half of the people aren’t happy with government right off the bat, and general gridlock in governmental bodies, are just signs of more things to come. A good example of the courts inability to punish criminals can be seen in Los Angles where they are early releasing of very dangerous criminals. L.A. has a new prison facility that is not being used because the voters voted down the funding that it needs to run the facility. Those criminals are getting out and afflicting the voters that could have kept them locked up.

AAA and other concerned watch dog groups are attempting to make sure trucks won’t be able to deliver goods to cities in a timely fashion. Environmentalists are attempting to close down forest industries and any other industry that uses natural products. They are against man made products because of the potential pollution. The animal rights groups are attempting to get everyone “into”no-meat diets.

Homosexuals want equal rights. Bleeding heart judges and other liberal people want illegal aliens to have medical coverage as well as welfare in general. As I see it the next civil war isn’t too far off.

We get the government we deserve. Rom 13:1-7,Acts:23:5, 2 Ch 19:6, Mat 17:24-27, 22:21, Dan 2:21-22