Somewhere around November 16, 1987, I saw the last part of an HBO special re-enacting the trial of the Chicago Seven. They were accused of trying to disrupt the Democratic Convention of 1976. The ironic part about the whole thing was that the seven and their council spent time in jail as a result of their contempt for the court. If I got it right, their guilty verdicts pertaining to the original charges were overturned by the Supreme Court. If they would have sat down and taken the injustice that they were screaming about when I tuned in, they could have avoided the time they spent in jail for the contempt charge.

I think it should be pointed out that protection under the Constitution can only be expected if the protesters comply with the Constitution themselves. In this case the first amendment was breached not only by the seven accused, but all that were there and involved in the rioting. They were not “peaceably assembled”.

They and their cohorts protesting the Vietnam War had the same effect on the American people as they no doubt had on the jury. The Vietnam War protesters were telling us that the war was wrong at a very early date. The way they chose to tell us was guaranteed to make sure we wouldn’t hear and their counter culture look didn’t help either.

The total disrespect that the seven showed to the Court was inexcusable, even if the judge and the attorneys for the State didn’t deserve respect. The Bible says to honor God and the king. We have examples in the Bible, one of which was where Paul reviled the high priest, and when he found out that the man was the high priest, tripped all over himself apologizing and quoted scripture to show how he shouldn’t have talked like that to him. The high priest did him wrong according to the law, but Paul still showed him respect. That story can be found in Acts 23:1-5. There are many other scriptures in the Old and New Testaments that talk about having respect for authorities. (See: God and State).

The bottom line is, we get the government we deserve. How can we in this country believe anything else? The people from the office of President of the United States right down through the local city councils and even the school boards all come from the people and are elected by the people for serving the people. If we don’t like the government, don’t blame the government, blame the people that voted them in office.

You say, don’t blame me because I don’t vote. Well, because of your failure to vote and the people’s bad vote, who else do we blame? Why is it that we seem to only have “shallow” candidates? Why do we always seem to be voting for the best of the worst?

I don’t think it’s any big secret that the anti-war group was a pretty ungodly bunch. Their use of drugs, sex and excessive alcohol and even that of their parents is part of the reason we have the government we have over us today; God is making sure of it. In other words we are TRULY represented by our government. If we don’t like what we see going on in government, then you can be sure it’s time to clean up our act.

Do you steal, even small things, from work? Do you ever tell lies? Do you ever cheat on your taxes, or not claim money you receive either by a gift or extra work? Have you ever gotten back too much change and kept it, counting it as a blessing? Do you ever use God’s name in vain. Do you ever roll through stop signs very slowly and count it a stop? Do you ever speed when there is no one around? Do you tell dirty jokes? Do you ever gossip? Do you use illegal drugs and/or excessively use alcohol? Do you overeat? Have you ever killed an innocent person? Have you ever had sex with someone other than your own spouse? The list goes on and on. Not too many of us could answer no to all these things. Have you ever done any of these things and not repented? If so, you are still guilty of them. If you are still guilty of them, you deserve judgment, and judgment can come in many forms. Depression and oppression (by people or forces), sickness, death, etc. When problems come, don’t sit around and say “why me Lord”. POGO said it many years ago: “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”

The young and old “idealistic” protesters in this country wouldn’t be happy even if they had it their way. The problem isn’t right and wrong, good and bad, black and white, rich and poor, capital and labor, or anything of the kind. The problem is SIN. In this nation’s case, sin is causing rebellion. Rebellion against God and His rules. We are casting stones and not stopping to look at the hypocrisy in our own lives. It’s a classic case of the spoiled, self-centered child.

This next theme is something I refer to many times. It proves what I am saying about rebellion and getting the government we deserve.

Please bear with me in the way that I start this next paragraph.

We only lost 58,000+ men and women in Vietnam. Admittedly it was a bad war. If we were going to help those people at all, it should have been swift and sure. The slow inept police action is what finally got the populace up in arms. Mostly young men were dying a needless death. Another needless war that is being waged is costing this country about 97,000 lives a year, not just a mere 58,000 in ten years, like the Vietnam conflict. Where are the protests? Where are the young idealistic flag burning radicals? Where is the liberal, “the public needs to know,” press? Where are the Jane Fondas standing on the dike, pleading for the American participants to lay down their “weapons” of this war and give up the senseless slaughter, and demanding that the lawmakers force an end to the bloodshed? Did I forget the wounded? There are around 300,000 serious injuries per year. Did I fail to mention the cost? The costs for all related deaths and accidents are close to the 100 billion dollar mark. This war of which I speak is the war being waged by alcohol abuse. We hear a lot about housing and feeding the poor. How many people would that kind of money take care of?

The big mistake Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon made was by not sending millions of drunk drivers over to Southeast Asia. Had they sent drunk drivers to slaughter themselves and the Viet Kong, the news media, (partially supported by many dollars from the producers of alcoholic beverages), would have put that war coverage on the back burner. In turn, Jane, “I’m a good American” Fonda, wouldn’t have been standing on the dikes with a bunch of despisers of capitalistic imperialism, to include her movies, especially her early ones.

On 12-30-87 Nebraska was coming down hard on three wheelers, as well as the rest of the nation. Their popularity is down because of all the bad press, and the fact that they are dangerous. When you look at the number of people killed and injured on those machines, it is only a fraction of those killed in alcohol related crashes each year. Why can’t the lawmakers come down on the drunk drivers as hard as they are on three wheelers? The drunk driving laws are pretty tough, but the courts have the option of probation, which really takes the sting out of the toughness. The judge can really do anything he wants to; from severe judgment, to slapping the offender on the wrist. This is just another element that only goes to prove – we get the government we deserve. (See: God and State). I knew of a Nebraska offender that had 5 – first drunk driving convictions. That’s not compassion, that’s stupidity.

Like I said before, our problem is rebellion. The protesters are biting the hand that feeds them. Put Jane Fonda in Mao’s China and she would be planting rice, and having lots of babies. Tom Haden might be hand-pumping water into the rice paddy. Sam Donaldson should be feeding pigs. He might learn that something yells louder than he does, and has almost as few manners. They would all perish if they had to live in that kind of system. It is pretty easy for them to stand back and cast stones, but we and they, not government, are the problem. (See: The College Trained Mind).