News Media

Years ago I thought the news media used to be out to get the conservatives. After Jimmy Carter was in office I could see that liberals were fair game also. After many years of observation I have come to the conclusion that they are out after “anyone” in authority. They will attack anyone from the President right down to the small town police chief.

I asked myself what are they looking for? A man perfect in beauty? (Ezk 28:12) A man that doesn’t desire women? (Dan 11:37) A man wiser than Daniel of old? (Ezk 28:3) A man with the wisdom of the ages? (Ezk 28:13) A wise and cunning business man? (Ezk 28:4-5) A man perfect in his ways? (Ezk 28:15) A man that all religions can live with? A man that will seem as a god to a lost and wayward people? A man that can make the world one through flatteries and treaties? A man that can make “We Are The World” a reality? A man that will answer the cry of Seals and Crofts, “One World Now?” A man that will join John Lennon in enlisting “All The People” to “Imagine” a world living as one?

They are looking for a champion, a modern day Nimrod, and a return to the Tower of Babel. They are looking for none other than the Antichrist, who the Bible predicts will rule in the last days.

See: “Lucifer,” Isa. 14:12, “the little horn,” Dan. 7:8; 8:9, “the king of fierce countenance,” Dan. 8:23, “the prince that shall come,” Dan. 9:26, “the willful king,” Dan 11:36, “the man of sin,” “the son of perdition,” “wicked one,” 2 Thess. 2:3,8, “Antichrist,” 1 John 2:18, and “the beast,” Rev. 13:1-10. (content of scripture references from Unger’s Bible Dictionary)

Critics of conservative government must be forgiven because they are simply attempting to defend the last dying gasps of F.D.R.-ism. The depression was a judgment of God on the people of America. F.D.R. got us out of that which we deserved and we were grateful to him for it. Instead of repenting and allowing God to restore our economy, he bought our way out of it.

Socialism was a worldwide judgment. Its most brutal form showed itself as full blown communism such as in Russia and China, and its most settle form was that of F.D.R.-ism that crept into America. In all forms, it was people attempting to override God’s judgment on the one hand and have guaranteed security on the other, both then and in the future. Otherwise known as hedging their bets.

One can even be sold to the bondage of extreme capitalism such as in the days of Joseph in Pharaoh’s Egypt. Pharaoh had a dream that Egypt was going to go into a 7-year famine. Joseph revealed the interpretation of the dream as was put in charge of the plan of holding back one-fifth of each year’s production of those 7 good years so they could survive the 7 bad. The people seemed to let the government save all the grain and when the famine hit and they eventually used their own supplies then had to go to Joseph and get more. First they mortgaged their animals, then their land and eventually themselves. They were in bondage lock-stock-and barrel to Pharaoh. They trusted in government and paid their tithe of grain just to be oppressed in the end with their own grain. They could have avoided the whole thing if they had just saved grain on their own, but they trusted in government.

According to the media (so it seems) Republicans can do no right, Democrats can do no wrong. Bill Clinton and his sexual escapades, especially with Monica Lewinsky are proof of that. Can you imagine the uproar they would have raised if Ronald Reagan, George Bush or any other prominent Republican had done with Monica in the oval office what Clinton did, while working for the American people? It’s not just the media. You would have some tree hugging or in this case, plant-hugging types come out of the woodwork representing people for the ethical use of cigars.