Liberty Bell

There is a similarity between the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence. They both have serious flaws. I think the flaw in the LIBERTY BELL is representative of the flaw in the Declaration of Independence, and all mankind as he looks at his own righteousness when declaring he has unalienable rights.

It was rung July 8, 1776 to announce the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It’s inscription was from the Bible; Leviticus 25:10, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” This liberty was based on the mistaken idea that man is endowed by his Creator with certain unalienable rights. The definition of unalienable is: “that cannot be given away or taken away.” One thing history should have taught us is that rights and liberties come and go. Since we failed to pick it up in history, we should have picked it up from the Bible. Here are two portions of scripture among many others, that teach that God is in charge, (Daniel 4:17, and Romans 13:1-7) and if He can give liberty, He can take it away. We are endowed with whatever rights God gives us, as long as we are a blessing to Him. The framers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were obviously ignorant of this fact, or they had to compromise with others that did not believe in God at all so they could finish the document(s) and get on with the nation. (See: Declaration of Independence).

Further history on the Liberty Bell: It broke after its arrival and was recast from the same metal, with the same inscription, in 1753. It broke again on July 8, 1835, when tolling during the funeral of Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Marshall. I don’t think the coincidence of the defective bell is accidental. I think the hand of God was involved. I also think it was a warning for the future generations to get their act together and put Him in His rightful position, in our own lives and at the head of the nation. (See: GOD AND STATE).

An interesting side note: The space capsule of Gus Grissom called Liberty Bell 7 was lost at sea after the splash down. It has subsequently been located and is in a museum.

Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story talked about how the liberty bell was sold for scrap to be melted down, but the cost of moving the bell would cost more than the bell would be worth so the scrapper gave it back to the city of Philadelphia and you know how that worked out.