College Trained Mind

I thought of this subject when the colleges were running their ads on television trying to recruit people for college after the Vietnam War. They said clever things like, “The college-trained mind, think of the things it has done… plastics, medicines, space exploration, etc.” That is supposed to be the good news. The college-trained mind also invented the hydrogen bomb, thalidomide, herbicides, pesticides, chlorofluorocarbons (remember the ozone?), and the drugs that plague us today. They designed the Teton Dam and educated the lawyers and the judge that threw out the suit protesting the safety of that dam. The list goes on and on.

A lot of people protesting the condition of the environment today are college-trained minds. Don’t you just love all the protesters that claim to be worried about the environment, while at the same time they wear their plastic shoes, man-made fiber in their clothes and even the natural fibers that are processed in huge polluting factories. Just take the time to see what chemicals are used to process leather. The news media, print, radio, and television, which are on the bandwagon, use mostly all plastics and who knows whatever else to tell us how bad “those guys” are for polluting the world. The jets their reporters are flying in and the cars they’re driving are polluting the earth just as much as if I want to take a trip that is not really necessary. Ever thought of how much pollution the space shuttle or a rocket produces to launch a communications satellite? Let’s not forget the gas and oil the media use, and spills that happen as a result of the supply and demand. Who are they to cast stones?

The college-trained mind is trying to lift everybody to higher quality jobs. If that were to happen there would be no more people left to collect garbage, and then what would society do with its own waste? You had better believe they would find a ditch somewhere in the country to leave it. Then the college-trained cop can do an investigation, determine who dumped the trash, and then write them a ticket. In turn, they can hire a college-trained lawyer to advise them to enter a plea of not guilty and request a jury trial and/or stand before a college-trained judge and ask that the charges be dropped. If (supposing there is no “deal” struck in a plea bargain, or after numerous delays and continuances where the college-trained prosecution (who usually knows the defense attorney quite well) decides to drop the case in the interest of justice) they are found guilty, their college-trained lawyer can file appeals all the way to the college-trained U.S. Supreme Court. Maybe this will help all us non-trained minds to understand why it costs so much to keep our ditches clean. It should also give us more understanding as to why it costs more to kill a “death row” inmate than to house him the rest of his life. Say, how about offering him an attorney’s degree so he could bring endless law suits against the state right from his jail cell? Nobody in their right mind would do something as stupid as that; would they, California?

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why a lot of the college-trained minds are for more immigration, and allowing those already here, to stay. That must be the answer. Can you imagine those college-trained minds picking their own fruit and vegetables and catching their own fish or butchering their own chickens, cattle, sheep, hogs, or whatever else? It’s much easier to go to the store and buy all those pre-packaged (from the big polluting factory) foods and fast foods. Did I fail to mention all the forests that are destroyed to put the food into those handy packages and all the inks created (by the college-trained minds) to make the consumer buy one brand over another (thanks to college-trained Madison Avenue ad executives)? Let’s not forget the print media’s share of deforestation and pollution caused by production of ink and paper.

We are the problem….not the factories, not the government, not people with money, not even the colleges. We are the ones that chased dollars into the cities from the self-sufficiency of the farm, ever since the days of the Industrial Revolution up to the present. I think this was the real “beginning of sorrows” for America, and comes from the hand of God. (See: God of Wrath).

We are the ones that built and jammed ourselves into cities along the rivers, and used them by the way, to “get rid” of our wastes. I used to marvel, watching all the Vietnam war protesters, protesting the 58,000 plus deaths in ten years of that non-war – all the while many of them were killing themselves with tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, in numbers that would make 58,000 seem like small potatoes. We lose about 25,000 men, women, and children in alcohol related car crashes each year in this country alone. The deaths due to excessive alcohol consumption each year would boost that death toll even higher. Where are the protests? You won’t find outrage in the media(s) because the college-trained executives are in touch with the dollar figures that the alcohol producers spend promoting their product to a party happy, college and non-college-trained consumer. (See: Protesters).
I think it is fair to say, that most any kind of protester, including the environmental type, scurry home to watch their protest on their plastic TV and/or buy magazines and newspapers, so they can read about their efforts to keep the air clean and save the forests. It’s also, by and large, the college-trained mind that endorses the notion that everything came from nothing by nothing, or even worse, just happened to be there and decided to blow up and expand into empty space. (See: Creation vs. Evolution). That same college-trained mind could produce nothing if God did not give the wisdom to do it. The college-trained mind, without God, is a dangerous thing and can only lead to disaster on a global scale.

The college-trained mind that is not in contact with the God of the Bible is a dangerous entity. There is only one thing more dangerous; the college-trained mind that thinks it knows God, via religion.