Civil War

I believe America’s next Civil War is also going to come as a result of various groups fighting for their beliefs: Abortion, Animal Rights, Capitol Punishment, Gay Rights, Nuclear Power, Smokers Rights, Free Speech, National Health Insurance, Right to Die, Street People, E.R.A., Unions, Civil Rights, A.C.L.U., Creation vs. Evolution, Drug Testing, Environmental Concerns, Illegal immigration, and whatever comes along that divides people. It’s a case of the haves vs. the have nots, the gays vs. the gay nots and the wants vs. the want nots. I think the problem will build until some economic trouble triggers a revolt.

It seems that what Communism couldn’t do to the productivity of this nation, environmentalism will. They don’t want anyone cutting the forests, building dams, digging for and refining oil, using animal products (meat, leather or fur) burning or burying garbage. They will not be happy until we all are naked, starving and living in caves, and that, as long as we are not kicking an animal out of its home.

If you go to San Francisco to Pier 37 you will see that the sea lions have taken over the pleasure boat docks and slips because people aren’t to harass them back into the water. It’s the same way in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial. If you want to take a picture of the statue of Lincoln, and there is a bird on his head, you will be stopped from scaring off the bird because it is harassment.

I think the thing that is the most interesting about some of the above-mentioned passions are; that they are in direct rebellion to gifts and commands that God gave us. Concerning abortion, God told us to go and populate the earth, be fruitful and multiply. He is not for a zero growth. There are other facets to the abortion problem that seem more powerful, like killing babies for whatever reason, but abortion for the most part is rebellion to God and His command to populate the earth. Next on the list is animal rights. God gave us animals to use both for clothes and food. Leave it to man to reject the use of them both. Concerning capitol punishment, God said if someone kills an innocent person, that killer should be killed by a man also. God calls homosexuality an abomination, certain of mankind call it normal.

God’s intention was that man should disperse and populate the earth but the rebels of Babel thought to make a tower that would reach to heaven and get a name for themselves (by staying united). Genesis 11:6 is real scary. “And the Lord said, Behold the people is one, and they all have one language; and this (vs. 3-4) they will begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” Look around today; everything is “One World.” The man-made language of Esperanto that most people have never heard about is just another example. Just think about it. If every one in the world only knew two languages (their own and Esperanto) there would be no communication barriers. We are slowly coming back to that point in history-past, and with modern technology; everything from genetic engineering and computers to space travel, we are capable (in our own mind) of looking up to heaven and shaking our tiny fists in the face of God and telling him to move over and/or get out of our lives.

The other items on the list are just a few more of the things that cause a division between mankind. The scary part is we are seeing more violence associated with the promotion of the individual’s views. For instance, in New York, animal rights activists have been known to throw paint on the fur coats of women walking down the streets. I heard a man on national TV say that if he were in a lifeboat where the choice had to be made whether to throw out a baby or a dog, he would throw out the baby.

I wish the problem could be taken care of with the vote. The trouble is that both sides of an issue will go right on doing violence and causing other problems, no matter what the VOTE says. The news media seems to be right in the middle throwing fuel on the flames, either to make money, or, to promote a hidden agenda, maybe both. My dilemma comes with not knowing whether God or the devil is giving them license to do so. One thing sure, God is allowing it at least. You may be wondering why would that be? It all has to do with judgment on us as a nation and individuals, and not being the kind of people God would have us be.

On the abortion issue and violence – I can’t really blame the anti-abortion crowd because they are fighting for human life and especially for late term abortions. They justify their acts of protest and even violence with Proverbs 24:11-12. 11. “If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; 12. If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?” Don’t get me wrong, God will judge all those that are killing innocent life.; anybody doing violence, on either side will stand in judgment for whatever they do or whomever they hurt. It even says in the Bible that He will destroy those that destroy the earth. If animals and the earth are that important to God, how much more important are human lives, created in His image?

I can just about bet you, the people that are against the killing of animals, for the use of meat and fur, are all for a woman’s right to have an abortion or should I say, right to choose. They say it should not be a government decision. What they don’t realize is, God sets up governments and gives them the power to punish evildoers. The most important thing they don’t realize is; that baby is known to God before he or she is in their mother’s womb and that the baby is a baby and not a mindless numb glob of “pregnancy tissue” (it does feel pain and even sucks the thumb) and therefore the ending of that pregnancy is the ending of a life, and who knows the value it could be to us on this earth? Surely if they can justify saving a killers life, because he or she could be of great value to society, (if rehabilitated) the life of the unwanted baby has to have the same consideration. The mothers “rights” do not supersede the rights of God, and His command to populate the earth. We are not our own. Our lives and bodies belong to God. He gives us every breath of life we breathe.

Today we hear protests in the media about the “religious right” being involved in politics. If they aren’t involved in the political process and protect lives of the unborn in that forum, they most certainly will by necessity have to use violence to make their point and also stop the killing. The (fore mentioned) guy in the life boat that would throw out the baby instead of the dog, will be countered by the people that would kill the abortion doctors to save the lives of the babies and adopt them out to people that can’t have children of their own. I would say that the above mentioned scripture (Pro. 24:11-12) gives greater justification to the radical religious right to kill, than it does to the guy in the life boat that wants to throw out the baby. If it was up to me the guy in the lifeboat wanting to throw out the baby is the one that should be thrown out.

These killers of babies not only want the right to kill those babies, but they want the “God given” government to be in league with them, i.e. Keep Abortion (murder) Legal, and moreover, they want the government (all the people) to pay for the killing.

At the same time you are asking, how could civilized human beings treat the unborn so badly, you have to ask, how could people in the civil war era treat blacks so bad. They captured them like animals, put them into horrible transport conditions and when they arrived in America, were sold, housed and treated as bad or worse than animals. People in the south thought more of their economic power than they did about the ethical and moral treatment of human beings under slavery. They ignored what the Bible said about how slaves were to be treated, and who indeed should be slaves in the first place.

This nation is in a low simmer and with all the divisions, could turn ugly very quickly. It is divisions like this that could boil over into another civil war. Nowhere are divisions more heated than in politics, because politics in this day and age include most of the hot topics that are debated today.

Row houses symbolize the powder keg that could ignite the civil war. As I drive across this country, I see row houses in the big cities and even now in rural mid western areas that are meant to just house occupants enslaved to a work-a-day world. They may have a deck tacked to the side, symbolizing an attempt to take in the good life.

Inside these houses are the penned up frustrations of several generations. That frustration is on two sides. Those that want any kind of change and those that don’t want any. If there is a civil war, whoever wins, will probably cause a “French Revolution” type of backlash.

In the 1996 elections we chose between the Clintons and the Doles to be the first family of the United States. People that think the Clintons are corrupt can’t understand how so many voters can support them in their second bid for the white house in the face of all the allegations against them. When we consider who we want in the White House I think a simple comparison of the people that are running for that office should be looked at and acted upon.

The Doles have spent virtually their whole adult lives serving the people of America and not themselves for the most part. Bob in the senate and Elizabeth serving in cabinet posts and as head of the Red Cross. You can believe if they had been involved in sleazy little back room, get rich schemes, you would have heard about it in the media by now and over and over and over.

The Clintons on the other hand have left a contrail of impropriety and corruption from Arkansas to Washington, D.C. Bill’s affairs (Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinski), white water gate, cattle gate, travel gate, Vince Foster gate, FBI (File) gate, soothsayer gate, immigrant gate, Indonesia gate, and the latest charge of fund raiser gate.

When Al Gore was in debate with Jack Kemp, he was accused of talking down to 5 year olds. That – he was doing, as well as talking to the slow of hearing of all ages, but most important he was speaking to millions of non-English speaking people living and potentially voting this country. This tactic was not corrupt but it was “slick.”

The choice was ours and to my way of thinking it was an easy choice. Bob Dole’s vast political experience could have served this nation well, not to mention, he would bring with him what could have been “The Crown Jewel” of all this nation’s first ladies.

In this day and age of the minority rules, the fact of the matter is, the majority gets the government it deserves. If that is an ungodly majority, all of us will have to suffer with the appropriate government. As of 1996 I don’t really hear the term “moral majority” any more. Maybe brother Falwell finally realized that it is quite the opposite. This isn’t saying that everybody is a crook; it only suggests that God’s standard of morality and righteousness is different than that of ours and is the cause of the government that is upon us now.

I was watching The Justice Files on A&E on the 17th of December 1997; it was concerning the Murder of the Kansas farm family, which was made famous by Truman Capote’s, “In Cold Blood.” The writers of the show seemed to decry the fact that the defense lawyers really didn’t seem to give their clients one hundred percent effort in defending their cases. In other words, they didn’t try to get them off on technicalities.

Why is it that mass murderers seem to pick on people less deserving of death than others? We need to bring back Hitler and reprogram him, as well as Charles Manson and Tim McVeigh to take care of those that file frivolous lawsuits and other such people. Which deserves to be bombed more: the federal building in Oklahoma City or the building housing the National Inquirer?

Concerning the press and other liberals. Ever Wonder Why…
…the liberals are all for killing babies and letting killers go free?
…there was a protest over the picture of a bin full of aborted babies, and not the babies themselves?
…God and the Bible got kicked out of school, yet Christmas, Easter, and Halloween could stay?
…good people don’t go around killing bad people, and make the world a better place?
…people protest the use of fur products and support a woman’s right to have an abortion?
…there is no group called, People For The Ethical Treatment of Unborn Babies!!!
…Jimmy Carter, Mike Wallace, Andy Rooney and Jimmy the Greek don’t have a right to free speech, and guys like Larry Flint do?
…A.C.L.U.ers will admit harm to kids that come from bad homes and ignore what happens to them from watching bad or X-rated TV, movies or other literature, all in the name of free speech?
…environmentalists want to save the forests and yet live in wood houses?
…environmentalists protest the use of hydro power, nuclear power, coal power and still use electricity?

Some of the (above) stands that the liberals take defy common sense at the least and are outright hypocrisy at most.

Maybe we do need a good old civil war to break the fever of stupidity that exists in this nation today.