Where did God come from?

So I won’t be accused of baiting and hooking (a thing that I hate) I’m going to start this with an unpublished editorial I sent to the Des Moines Register that will get to the point of where God came from:


In all this talk about separation of church and state and intelligent design vs. evolution, I can’t recall anyone worrying about separation of atheist and state or even secularist and state and the billions of tax dollars given to liberal educational institutions and even NASA (who plays both ends against the middle) to find out where we came from.

As I look back in history I see a time that “they” didn’t like being left out of the educational process either and it came to a head in the “Scopes Monkey Trial” in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925. Their ulterior motive in spending all those tax dollars was to prove that everything came from nothing and trying to socially engineer us away from belief in the existence of God.

Concerning the matter of creation of the universe – I say, you can’t get some thing from nothing, no matter how long you wait, you’d still have to wait – like forever.

If we were to go back in time before anything existed and stare at a little spot in the middle of all that non-existence, how long would it take before any elementary particles showed up? And just how would they show up in the first place? If I can’t use the word miracle they can’t use scientific terms like: quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle, singularity this or singularity that. Those terms are just other words for miracle. For everything to come out of nothing all by itself even over billions of years is more than a major miracle, because it happened all on its own, whereas mine come from God. We Christians get laughed at when we say miracle but when they say quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle, singularity this or singularity that, they get Nobel Prizes and lots of money. We have let them get away with their highbrow snobbery for long enough. Education without common sense (and ignoring the facts) is next to worthless.

In all honesty I can’t really complain about all the money they spent to find out where we came from because in trying to find it out and to disprove the existence of God they have not only proven how we came into existence they also proved that it couldn’t have happened by itself. No matter how the elementary particles got there and whoever or whatever stirred, glommed or otherwise manipulated those particles (quarks, electrons, protons and neutrons) that make up an atom, which make up molecules, which make up elements and chemicals, which make up us, they are there and those facts in that order can’t be argued. “They” say “nothing” did it; I say God did it. If you take electricity (which can’t produce or maintain itself) out of the atom – the atom disappears.

Intelligent design doesn’t promote religion; it promotes a belief in the (self-existing) God that gives all of us every heartbeat and every breath of life we breathe and was responsible for the creation we see around us everyday. It puts the name of God on the act of creation. If that truth offends the non-believers – that’s too bad, because their “truth” offends the majority and the majority should not have to fund “Fantasy Island” or the search for it. Even if there were no God, the Ten Commandments are a good idea for all peoples of all countries. What’s wrong with not stealing or robbing, raping, plundering, lying or any of the rest? Only a fool (or a defense attorney) would support lawlessness. If everybody lived the Golden Rule, life would be good even after a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, tsunami, fire or whatever would come along. End of editorial.

Over the years, all the scientific things I’ve seen, heard, read and studied, (mostly centered around the Bible and encyclopedias) were laying a foundation and it all came together when I read Stephen Hawking’s, “A Brief History of Time.” Armed with that information, it caused me to believe that we can prove the existence of God with just two words – commonsense and electricity. First and foremost is commonsense because it has said to all people for thousands of years – you can’t get something from nothing, without benefit of a miracle. Second is, the electricity that is in the atom, the heart and the earth, cannot generate or maintain itself and especially in the beginning of the subatomic levels where there is no chance of electromotive actions and reactions to and with differing metals, chemicals and elements (as would be conceivably possible with a self-existing ball of very condensed matter). The electricity is put into our realm and maintained by God from His invisible realm.

How, in the name of commonsense, is it possible to get past, “which came first, the chicken or the egg,” and to the nesting place (ground, rock – pool) for the primordial soup bacterium to begin its incredible journey? One has to ask how can you get something inanimate and inert from nothing, gradually, over billions of years all by itself – without it being a miracle? And even with random sideways, downward or more so with the “perfection” of upward mutations? I suppose if you hit this one back and forth in the tennis court of evolutionary logic long enough, one could be deluded into believing it is possible; and rather than believe in God, just keep piling on the years so you don’t have to. Years in effect, become the hope of the deluded. If God will send a strong delusion so religious people will believe a lie, (2Thess 2:11) what will He do to those that deny His existence? They have been deluded worst of all.

A ministry, “Creation Moments,” had a really good message about the mind and whether we think or not. In the discussion of “do we think or do we just think we think,” and “do we have a mind,” I say, one has no choice but to believe that the mind and the ability to think is a direct tie back to God through the spirit. The upshot of the article was Romans 1:22,”claiming to be wise they became fools.” They make up lies so they can teach lies to other people who are looking for an excuse to not believe in the God of the Bible.

“Creation Moments,” in trying to be politically correct, fails to use the Bible for its maximum effect when it says, “claiming to be wise they became fools.” Using the word “foolishness” to describe what it is that actually takes place causing God’s judgment is like trying to clean a dirty pan with a Brillo Pad made of silk. The explosive growth and promotion of homosexuality (as normal) is directly related to the judgment of God upon those people that fit the category of Romans 1:21-28.

Romans 1:25 “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” “The truth of God” is that God created everything and not that everything came into existence by itself over billions of years. Commonsense says you can’t get something from nothing no matter how long you wait and even in the case of, which came first, the chicken or the egg – puts random mutations on the greatest of miracles list. If evolution is based on upward mutations then sideways and downward mutation makes the chicken and egg thing virtually impossible. But then again the atheist’s greatest hope lies in the “pinball” theory – which says, if the little ball bangs around enough, anything is possible. The mutations issue is just more smoke and mirrors and muddying-up the waters issue so people will not know which way to turn to find the truth. Adding billions of years and promoting the possibilities of random mutations, keeps hope alive within the atheists that there is no possibility of the existence of God and that they will have to live by rules other than their own. It’s like “watching” a Rubik’s Cube and waiting for “it” to align all the colors on their proper sides all by itself. It takes an intelligent mind, not only to design and make the cube but it also takes an intelligent and analyzing mind to match all the colors. Building mankind, animal kind, plant kind, rock kind and any other kind, by accident is so remote that ratio numbers probably can’t go high enough to even make a close comparison when trying to guess the self-creation probabilities. How subatomic particles got here in the first place is mind bending enough but then add to it the electricity that makes some of them atoms and the differing numbers of electrons and protons and neutrons that make those atoms into different elements and it makes a Rubik’s Cube look like 1+1=2. You can’t dismiss the existence of God by ignoring the complicated formulas that it took to bring about all creation, by using the words – miracle or mystery. The word miracle is an over simplification and the word mystery is a head in the sand.

When “Creation Moments” says that God delivers “them” over to the foolish things of life – that’s the good news. The bad news is that when they grow in numbers and form alliances in politics, the media, science, academia and entertainment, they can make life miserable for the rest of us and bring on the judgment of God.

They have got to try and remove any thought of God from our minds and to do this task they have enlisted the media, academia, and government under the guise of separation of church and state.

Romans 1:20-22 20. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: 21. Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

I think that this connection between God and our universe and everything in it can be expressed in the silver cord of Eccl. 12:6-7: “Or ever the silver cord be loosed or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel be broken at the cistern, (7) Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

The Christian doesn’t seem to really care a lot about where we came from or in the case of the Almighty Creator, how we came from, because they have faith that we are here by the hand of God. They are more interested in the why we are here, which in all reality is the most important aspect of our existence. The person with a scientific mind and no real belief in God wants to know where we came from and the person with a scientific mind that believes in God knows where we came from but they want to know how we came into existence.

With the average Christian, everything in existence had to have been simply poofed into existence, and with the atheist, everything evolved all on its own. There has to be some common ground. The common ground of which I speak has to do with God’s invisible “hands on” act of creation that has been seen by the “non-miracle crowd” as natural selection or a natural development. What or how else would we expect the action of fashioning, shaping, molding and squeezing of the “soil” to look like (to a non-believer) when God made Adam? The end product of what God did in that creative process and especially His creating the heavens and the earth, had to, for all intent and purposes, look like an evolvement to the observer. Stephen Hawking’s, “A Brief History of Time” (the Illustrated, updated and expanded edition) helps to explore that common ground, but make no mistake; theistic evolution and spontaneous evolution are impossibility. Those that don’t have faith are going to see it as evolution by whatever terms or ways they can best explain it to satisfy their own prejudices. Evolution or theistic evolution (as in God starting the germ off in a pool of slime and then turning His back on it while it developed all on its own) would be unintelligent or accidental design vs. the God as Creator – intelligent design.

From here on down is the lengthy version with much more detail and reasons why I believe the above to be true and provable. I hope the following pages help solidify the truth, in everyone’s mind.

Are we or are we not here? I think that we can pretty much agree that we are here. There is no faith involved in this fact. The faith part comes in trying to figure out where we came from and how we got here. We either have to have faith that we have mysteriously evolved from nothing over billions of years all by ourselves or that we are a product of an Almighty Creator bringing us about by means of a miracle. Do we have faith in the mystery or the miracle? If God doing creation is a miracle, what do you call it when nothing does it all by itself?

When I was in 4 th or 5 th grade we had an assembly where they showed an evolution film. At some point or other in all this timeframe, I asked my mom, where did the trees, earth and stars come from? She said they came from God. I asked where did God come from? She said; He was “just there.” I asked how do you know? She said, “You have to take it by faith.” She was absolutely correct, but I needed more of an answer than that. Because of the film causing doubts about the existence of God, I accepted “by faith” (as it were) that everything came from nothing and not that everything came from God. There was nobody there to counter my newfound doubt.

Before all this happened, my neighbors led me to the Lord. I started going to church and reading the Bible on my own. I went to church and when the kids would go downstairs to Sunday School, I stayed upstairs at the regular church service. I enjoyed the music and marveled how the pastor could turn from passage to passage in the Bible while making his point in the sermon. I did this for about three weeks when the well-meaning pastor said I would probably be better off going to Sunday School. I only lasted down there for one time. I hated school anyway and when the teacher gave us a homework assignment out of the Bible (that I was reading anyway), I bolted and never came back. It was somewhere in this timeframe that we saw the film in school that caused me to start wondering if there even was a God at all. I had just turned my back on the place that would have had the best chance to counter my doubt and give me the answer to my question as to the existence of God. After I left the church a friend of mine said, “You should come to our church (the main selling point being) because when you sin, you come in for confession and then you can go out and sin again and come back in for another confession (as in, you can keep on doing this).” I said (in my mind) if that’s who God is, I want nothing to do with Him, and didn’t for about twelve years.

The bottom line is that you have to accept something by faith. Either everything evolved from nothing or God created everything and not from nothing (like I used to believe and teach, and was no doubt previously taught as relates to the word Ex Nihilo) but from within God Himself. Acts 17:28 says, “For in Him we live, and move, and have our being”… And Ephesians 4:6. One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

The Essence of Existence: If you want to find out where we came from you have to look backwards. If the Hubble space telescope can look back in time to the big bang , then we have to use a microscope to see where it came from. Creation started in the mind of God before He spoke it into existence. Only God can break down or divide matter or elements to their smallest possible part until they disappear. If you break down matter in the universe far enough you come right back to God. If you look backwards in time far enough you will find yourself looking up.

In this discussion of the creation of the universe, the big bang may have only produced elementary particles that God then formed into whatever it was that He wanted formed and created. The big bang could have also happened long after the original creation. At any rate, the whole of creation is from the invisible substance of God and because He is energy, the initial moment of creation was in the form of elementary particles which most likely consisted of quarks, electrons, protons and neutrons and the fact that everything in existence is partly electrical proves that we come from not only intelligent design but that we are a miracle and not a mystery.

If it is as I suspect, that God started off creation with elementary particles and those with their various electrical properties, which no doubt include the creation of motion from the electrical processes and combinations thereof, and continued unto the subsequent glomming from the gravities and movement of those created substances (from the personal guidance of God and not EMF alone), all of which turned into quarks, electrons, neutrons, protons, atoms and molecules, chemicals and elements – not necessarily in that order – then evolution presumes too much to think that all those processes could happen on their own. Where photons enter in I have no idea, other than God is light. Maybe the light of God was the first visible thing from His invisible side of creation to ours and then the rest followed in their proper order. It kind of reminds me of years ago with the beginning of the Wonderful World of Disney – where Mickey was dressed in the robe and hat of Merlin the Magician, waves the wand, and stars (or whatever) comes off the end of the wand – from (apparently) nothing, into our sight.

When the Bible says, (Psalms 19:1) the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork, it reminds me of this swirling motion that comes from the word “formed” in Proverbs 26:10, “that formed all things”, means to twist or whirl in a circular manner (from the Hebrew 2342). Once again, that does not sound to be so “instant” (as in poofed into existence) but with the God of creation, millions of years are also unnecessary. I believe in the 24 hours in a day for creation. Some artists need longer than others to create and some projects take longer than others to complete. God used the speed and time that suited Him for all the various projects. If the big bang in fact happened, I think it didn’t take God one day or seven days to do it. The so-called explosion was instantaneous and no one knows how long the process took leading up to that event or how long it was going on before or after man was created.

2 Corinthians 4:18 – While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

When I say all that which is physical isn’t real, it is true. All that is in existence comes out of the spiritual. That’s why when I say; when you look back beyond the elementary particles you come to God.

Psalms 100:3 – Know ye that the LORD He is God: it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves.

Hebrews 11:1, 3 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Framed (2675) to complete thoroughly, repair, or adjust, fit, frame, mend, (make), (join together) prepare, and restore.

2 Corinthians 10:5 – Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

People are asking the same question I used to ask – who made the trees, who made the water, who made the earth? It was God! Who made God? No one around me was smart enough to answer more than: You’ve got to have faith that He is just here! That is the absolute truth but I needed more than that and what you have to do is borrow the scales from Lady Liberty and weigh out the facts. How can you get something from nothing? If someone would have also taken the time to share the above scriptures it couldn’t have hurt, especially in my case, because before I started having my doubts about where we came from, I was reading my Bible. No one ever made me doubt my doubt; by saying, “Okay, where did it all come from then?” “How could “something” just be there and then decide to create all this – if it didn’t have a thinking and creative mind and plan?”

No one made God and the proof has to be in the facts of what everything is made up of and simply has to be taken to the lowest common denominator which would take us from existing matter back to electrons, protons and the like. And beyond that we would go back to God. The anthropic principle says: we see the universe the way it is because if it were different we would not be here to observe it. Why can’t the doubting Thomas’ of science have the same type of faith for the existence of God as they have toward evolution? Like, we know there is a God otherwise we wouldn’t be discussing the issue. We will never convince some people, like the flat earth society. They are either insane or are just pulling our legs. If the moon is round, why not the earth? Either way, I don’t think we should waste a lot of time trying to convince such people lest we be accused of “casting our pearls before the swine.”

If there is no God, there is no us, nor anything else for that matter, including the matter that makes-up the universe and everything in it. But when you are blinded, you are blind indeed. Evolution is a trick of the Devil; it muddies up the water so you will lose your direction and not know what to believe or which way to turn. And if you don’t know what to believe, you won’t know how to answer your kid’s question of, “Where did God come from?”

FACT: We are here, and to that we can all agree. FACT: We are made out of quarks, atoms, molecules chemicals and elements. Were the quarks, atoms and molecules that make up what we call, all of creation “just there” or was there a ball of very densely compressed matter “just there” or are we a special creation of an Almighty, All-Powerful, Eternal Being that was “just there” and had a plan? Spontaneous creation has to itself, break some law of nature or other. Miracles on the other hand, are not subject to the laws of nature, academically speaking.
Early science says the condensed matter that made up the big bang was either “just there,” or it would obviously have to have been many years in the making and would have had to come from subatomic particles and whatever else “just happened” to be there and would have had to start combining, clumping and glomming together as a result of their (obvious) proximity to each other and their self-existing interaction and attraction – to form this ball of compressed matter (whatever size) that somehow (all on its own) exploded, showering empty outer space with all the stuff including the much needed heat, that is required to make stars, planets and all the other things we find floating around in our universe. The only problem is that modern science seems to teach that the universe started off zero in size – at the big bang which resulted in the appearance of those photons, electrons and neutrinos and their antiparticles and they, together with some protons and neutrons, subsequently developed into the stars and planets and/or all of the matter in the universe that we have in existence today. This is all very confusing. If there was one big bang that developed or happened all on its own, why not two or even dozens and if there were, would not one interfere with the other? In order to not look so stupid, modern science says that the big bang and the universe started off zero in size and exploded into existence and produced all the stuff that made up the stars, planets, galaxies and eventually us. I’m sure glad modern science doesn’t want to look stupid. To aid in this deception they come up with fancy terms. I call it a miracle but “they” call it quantum physics, a singularity, the uncertainty principle, anthropic principle or a virtual particle or some other term that takes the ball out of God’s court and puts it in a bigger category of miracle than God.

It’s all very confusing when you leave God out of the creation picture. There was God, He spoke (via what we call or see as the big bang) certain things into existence and they developed (by His spirit or spirits) into what we see today. It is sure a lot less complicated than the aforementioned scientific theories of not knowing which was first – the condensed ball of matter or that which it was made up of and how it all came together in the first place. Or, if the big bang and universe were zero in size; would not its subsequent appearance be a miracle of the greatest order? Outside of the God of miracles, there are no easy answers. And even inside the God of miracles there is the question of how we got here and it all has to do with faith. It’s a matter of faith based upon the certainty that nothing can exist by itself, especially electricity and anything that owes its existence to it.

Whether by accident or their own intelligent interaction, these building blocks of life started stirring themselves and turned into what we have and see all around us today. Like it or not, to believe that, you have to understand that where we came from and how we got here is the ultimate act of faith. Spontaneous evolution is an act of faith that requires more faith than we who believe in God. For everything to “just be there” is a big leap of faith but to believe that IT just evolved into everything that we see and have in the universe today is the biggest act of faith of all, seeing that there are (what we term) laws of nature that have to be considered when dealing with the built-in order and intelligence of the universe and everything in it. Besides, the laws of nature do not affect the spirit world.

Concerning life itself: either you believe God created everything or nothing created everything. Or more astounding yet, that everything was “just there” all by itself, and one day just started (all on its own) to develop and then somehow spontaneously produced all life forms from the same primordial soup. Just for the record – the sequence of nucleotides on DNA pretty much proves that isn’t true. Humans are a distinct creation (in the image of God) and differ from all other life forms, which also differ from each other. DNA is our common link and that link comes from God. Let’s also not forget the issue of chromosomes. Humans have 46 and monkeys have 48. And let’s also not forget that the sexes supposedly came from no sex at all. How could they all just decide to change from no sex to two sexes?

We, who believe in an Almighty Creator, have “faith” to a similar degree. Even though there are about three different views on how creation was done – we of faith (in God) believe that God’s hand was directly involved. (1) God either poofed everything into existence in a flash or (2) He started everything off in a pool of slime and turned His back while it evolved into what we see and have today. Or (3) He brought into existence (from within Himself) the subatomic particles and handcrafted them until they were in forms that He was satisfied with. People impacted by evolution need to hear how we came from God (to prove where we came from) and the fact is – that if evolution is true, it had to come from the hand of God. Anything that can possibly be considered evolution is simply handcrafting by God without giving Him the credit.

When Stephen Hawking’s book (A Brief History of Time) asks, (1) “Why does the universe exist?” (2) “Does it bring about its own existence, or does it need a creator?” If so,” (3) “does He have any effect on the universe,” (4)”and who created Him?” ( I added the numbers so they could correspond with the answers below ).

Answer: (1) The universe exists to bring glory to God. It also exists to fulfill God’s purpose and plan to redeem and have fellowship with mankind upon a physical platform or stage that is outside the spiritual realm. I don’t mean to jump ahead but the “closed” universe also insures that we have faith in God by faith and not by sight (but more on that later). (2) No! It needed a creator. Creation does need a creator and that Creator was the pre-incarnate Christ, indwelt with the pure Spirit of God. Poetically speaking, the universe was brought about as a result of Jesus making a statement about God’s greatness with a shout of declaration – commonly called the big bang and is reminiscent of the stones in Luke 19:40. (3) God’s effect on the universe is that He is holding it all together. (4) Who created God? No one created God. God is self-existent and all-inclusive; He is Jehovah. Before there was anything there was God. God is a spirit; God is energy, time, life, truth, love and God is eternity. You either have faith that the self-existent all-inclusive God was “just there” or you believe that quarks , electrons, protons, neutrons that formed atoms, molecules and dust, were “just there” and happened to develop into stars, planets and all other life forms, all by themselves. Or a strange little ball of super-compressed matter was “just there” and one day just happened to explode and eventually develop into complex forms of dust and eventually into all that exists today. Or, “it” was all zero in size and one day just happened to start expanding all on its own. Once again, which takes more faith?

I used to say that God created everything from nothing. That is entirely wrong. The Bible says that everything came from God. He created it from within Himself because God IS: God is infinity, God is eternity, God is time, God is light, God is energy, God is Spirit, God is life, God is truth, God is love, God is justice, God is wisdom, God is invisible, God is invisible energy. Energy is not God, but energy is out of God. Energy, like light and time has been around as long as God has but just not manifested to our realm or us until, “In the beginning,” or whatever was there prior to that time. His spirit (which is manifested by electricity) is why we have life in our bodies (which are dust) and the earth has a magnetic field. “He (God) is above all, through you all and in you all,” Ephesians 4:6.

You either have faith that the self-existent all-inclusive God was “just there” or you believe that quarks, electrons, protons, neutrons that formed atoms, molecules and dust, were “just there” and happened to develop into stars, planets and all other life forms, all by themselves. Or a strange little ball of super-compressed matter was “just there” and one day just happened to explode and eventually develop into complex forms of dust and eventually into all that exists today. Or, “it” was all zero in size and one day just happened to start expanding all on its own. Once again, which takes more faith?

What is the universe? Again jumping ahead – the universe is a vast area inside the dark covering that is beyond the stars containing those stars and everything that can be seen by man or machine, providing either is wherever, that which is to be seen, can be seen. I also used to say that the stars went on forever but the fact is, we are inside a huge ball. The dark covering separates everything on the inside from the eternal light and God’s throne in the third heaven, on the outside. In case you are wondering – beyond the third heaven is still more God, but that’s another subject. See: Relativity and the Circuit of God.

When was the covering (the bounds of the universe) put around the earth – after or just prior to God’s judgment of the first earth in Genesis 1:1? In the statement: God created the heaven and the earth; “heaven” meaning His throne and whatever domicile He resides in and “earth” meaning it (also called God’s footstool), to which mankind (after the order of Adam) was added after the destruction of the first earth of the Genesis 1:1 creation. The earth of Genesis 1:1, I suspect was a place (within sight of the third heaven) of fellowship for the pre-incarnate Christ and God until it was defiled enough (by rebellious heavenly beings) for God to overthrow and destroy it as is revealed in Genesis 1:2 and described in Jeremiah 4:23-26; Isaiah 24:1 and 45:18. Also see Proverbs 8:22-31. At the point of Genesis 1:3, the sun for sure and possibly the rest of the solar system was added or revealed at that time, in what I call, part of that special creation. See: The Gap Theory.

Creation is a miracle and if there is such a thing as “nothing” in outer space, then it too is a miracle. But since we know that God is everywhere, it is impossible for “nothing” to exist. Just for the record, the covering – bounds of the universe can never be reached or breached by man using any kind of spacecraft. And also, just for the record, Einstein and others can explain the curved universe better than I can.

We are not finished with that which is beyond the “dark covering” because it is in our future. The universe that we thought was so big is suddenly going to become very small.

This is from Wayne Grudem’s, Systematic Theology – “The word nothing does not imply some kind of existence, as some philosophers have taken it to mean. We mean rather that God did not use any previously existing materials when He created the universe.” The universe was brought into existence by the Word of God. Psalms 33:6, 9 says, “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and all their host ( pay attention) by the breath of his mouth…” “By the breath of His mouth” indicates to me that it came from within God. “For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood forth.” I think this is why people think that everything was poofed into existence. There has to be some correlation here between this scripture and those that speak of God’s handiwork. But once again, this is where God’s timing and the speed of God come into play.

The atheistic scientists have to believe in evolution because they refuse to believe in God. Scientists are galled by the fact that they can’t put God under the microscope and they don’t even think of concepts like the speed of God. They can’t use formulas based on the speed of God to get a fuller understanding of our universe. God is unsearchable and unreachable to them because they have no faith. They can only recognize the speed of thought and the speed of light. They are forced to believe that the universe goes on forever. They have to have something tangible to get their hands on so they can control, manipulate or explain it in earthly terms. There is no room in their lives for miracles. They would rather believe in a mystery and seek to solve it with scientific and mathematical formulas rather than believe in the miracle of creation by the author of “intelligent design.”

The dimension of time that deals with God’s speed as related to time-lapse creation is a riddle of physics that they will never solve without belief in God. Most Christians believe in the God of the Bible but that God is also the God of science – without God there is no science, without God there is nothing but His invisible existence.

If 10 is the speed of God and 0 is no movement at all, evolution would have to be somewhere around or in between 0 and 1. The speed of light is quite a bit above 1 but not even close to 10. The way we see the universe is based on our perceptions of God. There is also a mind-bending principle in the speed of light. With the speed of light the universe is a very large place but with the speed of God (or His omni presence), it is zero in size. With God at rest it would effectively seem that the universe would go on forever.

If any part of the speed of evolutionary development is true, that is a very short time in comparison to the overall existence of God. And if in fact, God is eternal, then the universe is zero in age compared to God’s age (and He ain’t tellin). Therefore, at the speed of God and with His age, the universe is zero in size and zero in age and proves that everything is a manifestation of the spirit and what we perceive to be physical existence is just a vapor that will disappear someday. And if this is true, then the words of James 4:14 and 2 Peter 3:11 are really profound – what manner of people should we really be, comes down on the side of a spiritual test. All the materialism we chase and lust after is really a vapor and begs the question WWJD? Well, He already did it and is our example. Therefore only the Bible should be our guide into Christianity and not all the other man-made stuff.

As the universe is zero in size at the speed of God, so creation could have been seemingly poofed into existence as we see it under that formula, but thanks to the Greek and Hebrew words we know that the universe, as well as we, are the handcrafted handiwork of God.

In reference time as pertains to relativity: There is a unique absolute time because there is a God that has the power to bend, suspend, stop, speed up, or otherwise manipulate time to suit His needs and purposes all the while the actual or absolute time of and in God’s presence goes on steadily. He is the God of time-lapse creation as well as the speed of God vs. the speed of light – God. W hether there is any such thing as time travel or ever will be, we have to consider the “speed of God.” In whichever speed God did creation, it could be sped up or slowed down to show us what happened. We Christians see it fast – others see it slow. The Bible sees it in six twenty-four hour days and on top of that declares, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

God is time and within the boundaries of time-lapse creation, whatever amount of time it took Him to do creation, God’s handiwork, not self-motivated amebas, did it. How long did it take God to do creation? And let’s remember that there are no words for “poofed” in the Bible. But there are words for make and made – squeezed, shape, form, etc. One is forced to consider time-lapse creation and the fact that God is time, before we can even come close to grasping the six-day creation and our present state of geology. Just how long was the spirit of God moving (brooding) upon the face of the waters before the remodeling of earth (and the universe) for Adam’s world began?

There are two different dimensions of the one God: The speed of God and His omni presence. There is little difference between the speed of God and His omni presence as we see it. If Trinitarians can divide God up in three parts I think it is safe to say He can be present in two dimensions of our reality and in all the dimensions that exist – whether 3 or 4 or 26. He can bend, twist, speed up, slow down, go forward and back in time as fits His needs or desires. A Trinitarian thought on the subject of creation: Who was the first of the Trinity to budge on creation? Did one of them say, “Hey! I got an idea.”

When you look at the compressed atom that was supposed to have existed and exploded all on its own, creating time, space and matter, it is a scientific paradox because everything the big bang represents as having been created by the big bang, was already in existence before it exploded. There was matter sitting in space for who knows how long of time before it blew up, supposedly creating time, space and matter. Is that a paradox or just plain stupidity?

Therefore, atheistic scientists are more “apple pie in the sky” than we are. What took God six days to do (in the way of creation) took them 13.7 billion years – but in all reality and in the spirit of Psalms 90:2, 4 and 2 Peter 3:8, and knowing that God is time and with the theory of time-lapse creation, maybe it was (in all reality) the same and that (other than getting something from what appeared to be nothing) the time (manipulation) element is the real miracle of creation. I never realized what verse 2 said with its close proximity to verse 4, which ties the miracle of creation to that of time and God’s timing. Notice the word, “formed” (2342 – Strong’s) as in formed the earth – “to twist or whirl, to dance or writhe (of parturition – childbirth – to be in labor) to wait.” I don’t know if this relates to Genesis 1:2, where the spirit of God “moved” (7363 – to brood) upon the face of the waters, but I feel it does. Also consider meaning 3, of the (sister) word, parturient: “ready to bring forth or produce a discovery, idea, principle,” etc. This is all too much for creation to be in the realm of “poofed” into existence. When you look at all the Hebrew words that have to do with creation in comparison to the simpleminded thought of a “poofed” creation, it’s no wonder that “they” laugh at us as “apple pie in the sky” believers. We Christians fail to consider how that pie got into the sky to begin with. We fail to understand that that pie is made up of individual ingredients, put together in the proper way to produce a pie and not a pile of “glop.” God (if you will) used the recipe of “intelligent design” to do creation and “they” are the ones to have discovered it and not even know what it is that they have discovered (as relates to God). Then we come along and simply say, God did it (which He did) but in a scientific and methodical way (with His hands) and not “poofed,” not that He doesn’t have that power – for He can do anything. I think we have to look back to the speed of God and the size of the universe scenario. As mentioned earlier, the universe is zero in size at the speed of God and at the speed of light it is huge and beyond comprehension. The star Alpha Hercules is so big that using the distance between our sun and the earth (93,000,000 miles) you could place that distance across the middle of that star 25 times in a row. If it is that big at the speed of light, how big is it with God at rest?

We, here on earth, can experience time manipulation and answers to prayer even before we pray. My wife had a rollover accident that she saw and felt in slow motion. My oldest daughter (who was traveling behind her at the time) saw it at regular speed, and thought the worst. And what about the guy that had a malfunction with his parachute and hit the plowed field at 45-50 mph and lived? They both make the point for the miracle of “slow motion” as related to the speed of God and time-lapse creation and the movements of God in all dimensions. You know, one day is as a thousand years and visa versa. The God of miracles is active in our day and age and His truths confound the wise that are trying to make intellectual sense out of things they/we can’t fully understand. This is all part of God’s conspiracy of judgment upon both the Darwinists and errant Christians.

If Rev. 6:13-16 is true, the stars are going to fall to earth and the heaven will be rolled up like a scroll, revealing the throne of God looming over the exposed earth. That will cause quite a stir in the scientific world and will make the average citizen with no real interest in cosmology sit up and take notice (as they are scattering for a place to hide). When you look at all the craters on the moon you have to wonder if a similar thing as the stars falling to earth happened there also.

It was said that Aristotle believed that one could divide a piece of matter into smaller and smaller bits without any limit: “one never came up against a grain of matter that could not be divided further.” (Hawking Pg. 82) If you took a piece of matter and cut it in half – could you as a person cut it in half until it disappeared? I don’t know if we could do it or not, but God could. Now, just at that moment of where it disappears, it brings you right back to God. When He spoke things into existence it came from Him into existence whether it took an instant, a day or an age. I think that photons, neutrons and all the rest came from Him to our side of the equation instantly. As for atoms, molecules, Adam, animals and all the rest, I think it was a 24-hour day but only God knows for sure. At any rate, it evolved from what we see as “nothing” into whatever it developed into, by the direct involvement of God through intelligent design.

Understanding how the universe came into existence will be impossible if we try to scientifically think our way through what we see around us today. It will be impossible only because there is a God that built the universe in a very complex and miraculous way. Most scientists are into complex but shy away from miraculous. We have to recognize a miracle and may never understand how it works – like the cutting of matter in half until it disappears. I think only God can do it. And if, because of His laws of nature, God can’t even do it, it is because it has to be done by means of a miracle the same way that creation was done from ostensibly nothing (subatomic particles) into the atoms and molecules that God used to build the universe and everything in it.

The scientists just don’t get it because they want all the answers to all the questions that only God can give. No closer than most of them seem to be to Him – they should feel lucky that He gives them anything at all. For instance, is “ether” (in outer space) just an excuse for denying the omnipresence of God and His miracles and laws as pertains to the conducting of light waves (here on earth and outer space) or a failure to admit the existence of “nothing” which they aren’t prepared to do? Personally, I don’t think “nothing” could exist because God is everywhere and I’m not prepared to call Him “ether” or nothing. But is it possible that “ether” is part of the invisible essence of God? I visualize outer space like a page on the computer screen. Every space has a spot for something and if nothing happens to be placed there, that spot for it still exists.

Since we believers know that God is self-existent; we know where God came from and the next logical question isn’t where we came from – but how we came from God into existence.

The word “evolution” has gotten a bad wrap because of those early scientists that used to believe and teach (with their own authority) that “everything” was just there and “life” just started on its own in a little pool of slime and “evolved” into all the forms of life that are on earth today. They even made up things to promote the fallacy of their wayward thinking – like Nebraska Man. As it turns out, he was “built up” from the tooth of an extinct pig. The “moment” of creation happened when non-molecular became molecular and invisible became visible. Any way you cut it, creation of matter was a miracle.

I don’t mean to defend evolution, but how long did it take God to “make” man? Basically I lean more towards instantaneous creation by God rather than a spontaneous evolution over many millions and millions of years. Having said that, lets slow that instantaneous individual act down to a really slow speed and then see how things could have come together in a 24-hour period. Let’s call it time lapse creation. I think time-lapse creation comes into play when we are made to consider: Psalms 90:4, “For a thousand years in thy sight are as but yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night,” and restated in 2 Peter 3:8 – “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day.” Remember, God is time or should I say, the essence of time! God is not older than time and time is not older than God. Time exists because there is a God and God bears witness to the existence of time.

To slow down the creation process, you have got to go back to the mind of God because that’s where the creation started. The atom build-up, to molecular, to cells, to flesh, nerves, muscles and all the rest, comes from God. You have to trace it back to God and to the fact that everything evolved from the mind of God, whether fast or slow.

I looked up the word materialized – To give material form to: an inventor materializes his ideas by building a model. Bingo! This is exactly what God did. And before He made the model, He had to make the materials with which to make it. He brought those elemental particles over from His invisible/spirit side into our visible side. He used the smallest elemental particles to make bigger particles and when He created elements and chemicals He then formed them into us and it is His Spirit that gives us the spark of life, which causes our heart to beat, etc.

When I was a little kid, I used to think that people were solid all the way through like Gumby. In reality, we are made of a skeleton, flesh, cartilage and skin and they aren’t even entities of their own because they are made up of atoms, molecules and cells, and lots of chemicals and elements. What I’m saying is, if we were solid, I could believe that we would have been poofed into instantaneous existence. But the testimony of our complex bodies and Ezekiel 37:1-14 seems to indicate that we are fashioned, formed, framed, molded (as a potter) and squeezed (into shape). Handcrafted if you will. “We are fearfully and wonderfully made,” Psalms 139:14. Actually the whole chapter is pretty powerful.

Look at creation as a sculpture. The artist sees it in his mind and then starts forming the clay to look like what he had in mind. It may take a while from start to finish but this better describes the process as “formed” rather than instant. Genesis 2:7 says, “and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground… The Hebrew word from Strong’s (Exhaustive Concordance) is (3335) yatsar (yaw-tsar’); probably identical with 3334 (through the squeezing into shape); ([compare 3331]); to mould into a form; especially as a potter ; figuratively, to determine (i.e. form a resolution): earthen, fashion, form, frame, make (-r), potter, purpose. The word for make (Let us make man in our image) is a similar situation, to fashion (6213). We are truly God’s handiwork.

The word “formed” in the Hebrew, in Psalms 95:5, (3335) to form the dry land, means to squeeze into shape, to mould into a form, as a potter, fashion, form, frame, make. This does not sound so “instant.” It sounds more like it could have taken “some” time as in a work of art which all of creation is. All life forms were hand fashioned by God not random mutations from a pool of slime. And that wouldn’t offend me at all if that’s the way God chose to do it but it seems as though He didn’t.

In terms of split second creation, what hurry was God in, especially when you consider that creation is referred to as God’s handiwork? (Psalms 19:1) He is like an artist and a sculptor. There are two miracles at work here. The first makes matter from subatomic to molecular and second, adds the spark of life (electricity) to that creation and makes it a living breathing person, animal, or whatever. The atom is electrical and since we know that electricity can’t generate itself, we know it is God that sustains the electricity in the atom.

Please remember, the word “formed” in the Hebrew in Proverbs 26:10, (2342) “that formed all things”, means to twist or whirl in a circular manner. Once again, that does not sound to be so “instant.” But with the God of creation, millions of years are also unnecessary. Remember the speed of God.

What process did God use to make Adam? If he was made up of the “dust” of the earth, maybe it was a sped-up version of the evolutionary process – special handling or creation. Did God poof a full-grown Adam into existence or was it a slower 24-hour developmental process through the squeezing, shaping, molding and forming of dust of the earth into a being that produced offspring through cell division. All of this transformation of the above-mentioned elements and molecules and such, is done by God’s handiwork and is a miracle at any rate, and better matches up with the word “formed” as found in Genesis 2:7 and the word “make” in Genesis 1:27, and, “we are the clay, and you are the potter; your hands made us all” – Isaiah 64:8. God could have easily done it in an instant or a day or an age but the scripture says a day.

We are made of 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 10% hydrogen, 3% nitrogen, 1½% calcium, 1% phosphorus, and 1½% of other elements. About seven tenths of the body is water (H20). The elements combine in many different ways to form thousands of compounds. Some compounds, such as vitamins, hormones, and enzymes, are present in extremely small amounts. (World Book) Once again, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalms 139:14.

If instant means instant with no work involving God’s combining elements and fashioning Adam, fine and so-be-it, but if you can slow down the mixing process (or clumping together) and see how God did it, even better. No matter how you look at it, it is still a miracle. You can’t get something from nothing – no matter how long you wait. If there was no God, there would truly be nothing and as mentioned before, if everything came out of nothing it would be the biggest miracle of all. The anthropic principle says: “we see the universe the way it is because if it were different we would not be here to observe it.” If they can say that about a “self-existing” universe, we can say the same thing of God – if there was no God, we wouldn’t be here to see anything. God doesn’t even make everything out of nothing. You can only get something from within God. In terms of split second creation, what hurry was God in, especially when you consider that creation is referred to as God’s handiwork? (Psalms 19:1) He is like an artist and a sculptor. There are two miracles at work here. The first makes matter molecular from non-molecular and second, adds the spark of life (electricity) to that creation and makes it a living breathing person, animal, solar system or whatever. The atom is electrical and since we know that electricity can’t generate itself, we know it is God that sustains the electricity in the atom.

I don’t think for a minute that every living thing in creation came out of the same pool of slime; meaning that we evolved from single celled, to crawly, to ape-like, to human. All God’s creations (plant and animal) possibly had different spirits, of the seven spirits of God, hovering over them in the creation process. Fast or slow, Adam was an individual handcrafted creation of God and the “rest” (Sabbath) upon completion of creation strongly points to that “handcrafted” truth. You know, worked for six days and rested on the seventh – like we should be doing now.

Genesis attests to the formation and creation of man (by the hand of God) in a 24-hour developmental (handcrafted) manner and not poofed into instantaneous existence. Armed with the fact that God, who doesn’t need to rest – rested on the seventh day after He labored to “bring about” creation (as it relates to us on this earth) is also showing us not only something about us and how we came from God but the way He created us and the fact that we also need to rest at least one day a week. That creation and the subsequent labor to bring it about, denotes the need for a rest, even though God doesn’t need to rest but He chose it as an example to us, for the way it will be according to His blessing and sanctification of the Sabbath as stated in Genesis 2:2-3 and given to the whole pre-Hebrew, pre-Law world. And which should be observed throughout our generations irrespective of the Law of Moses, which was joined (1491 B.C.) to the already existing Sabbath Rest (established on the seventh day of creation) and was separated again when Christ fulfilled the Law, but the need for the Sabbath Rest continues on. Churchmen (not God) have changed the day of observance from Saturday to Sunday and some have even eliminated it from the New Testament version of the Ten Commandments. See Sabbath/Sunday.

When God formed (setteth-3559) the mountains by His power (1369), those have to do with a toiling compared to an “instant” creation. And once again, even if it was instant, that can be slowed down to show a physical working with the elements to “form” creation. The seven spirits of God could very well have been put in charge of the development of plants, insects, animals, man, spirit beings (which probably were ordained to that task by God Himself long before our world was ever created), and even the inanimate objects. In terms of 24 hours, who knows how long these processes could have taken? Once again, what hurry was God in? God is the ultimate artist and/or craftsman. We have to realize that there is a difference between the heaven and earth and plant and animal species and how long it may have taken to create each. I believe humans, animals and plants were created in 24 hours whereas the earth, planets and stars could have taken much longer and/or were on the scene long before animals and mankind were. We are like a painting that has come to life.

While looking into the definition of the word “faith,” I came across Hebrews 11:1. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Looking down a little further I noticed that verse 3 fit right into the subject of which I now write. Verse 3. “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear .” The word “framed” fits right into the pattern of the above-mentioned words that seem to indicate a developmental situation rather than an instant poofing into existence. Framed – “2675 katartizo (kat-ar-tid’-zo); from 2596 and a derivative of 739; to complete thoroughly, i.e. repair (literally or figuratively) or adjust: fit, frame, mend, (make) perfect (-ly join together), prepare, restore.” When you look at the gap theory – this really fits the description of the re-created earth after the destruction of the first earth as told in Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

If God poofed a house into existence, we would be able to take it apart starting from the shingles down to the foundation and see how it logically fit together. The development of a cell from a sperm and an egg and the subsequent cell division that would produce a finished baby in nine months is more like what I am saying but in reverse. Cell division is slow but if you could speed it up, you would have an instant creation. When you watch (microscopic) films of cell division, it happens very slowly but if you sped it up you would see the miracle of cell division, which is a miracle indeed. It just sort of pops into the next stage. It would be interesting to see that “pop” in a really slow speed. If we were to watch that development in reverse you can more readily see what I mean. The lowest common denominator of creation is God. For something to come out of the mind of God into a created item or being, it would have to be in His mind in a logical way and only He may really know what that means in terms of how it was made like the same logical way a house is built.

Neutrons, neutrinos, antineutrinos, protons, electrons, gluons, mesons, photons, antiparticles, virtual particles, dark matter, quarks, atoms, molecules, gamma rays, proteins, DNA, elements, chemicals, nuclear fusion, negatively and positively charged particles, electromagnetic force, magnetic fields, various gases and all the other things that make us up as well as the universe, are all parts of the house that God could have poofed into existence. What my question is – which of the above-mentioned scientific words and terms, in whichever order or combination, is the foundation of the house and which are the shingles? Whether you are talking about the house of the body or the house of the universe, it doesn’t matter. I realize this is probably rhetorical but I hope you see that my question is based on and in the God of creation and not any kind of Darwin style evolution – (something from nothing all by itself over a great amount of time). It isn’t even something that God started and turned His back on for a few billion years according to what the theistic evolutionist believes. It is God’s “hands on” creation and stars, for instance, are still being formed.

All the above-mentioned scientific words and terms just sitting there can’t do anything on their own until God orchestrates them into a fine symphony of life and existence through intelligent design.

The scientists are thinking too complex and/or in their own version of miraculous is lacking when they think of the creation of the universe in terms of the big bang or evolution alone (which is what the zero in size universe and big bang would be). The big bang or evolution affects only the matter in the universe and not the greater (empty) area inside the dark covering. The greater universe is like being inside a large ball. If it were not for the stars and planets it would be totally dark and totally empty (as we would see it – remembering the computer page). That which exploded in the big bang is what – if not made all the stars and planets, made at least some of them and that explosion was at the hand of God and not all by itself, which (as mentioned before) would be a bigger miracle than a supernatural God doing it. The universe is really two entities: the empty ball and the matter inside the ball.

Everything in the universe doesn’t mean that everything in the universe was put there by the big bang. No doubt, that which is expanding should be considered to be part of the big bang. We have to consider the original earth and whatever stars or planets would have been associated with its creation as a separate thing.

All of the cosmos and everything in it is too complicated to be summed up with: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Yes, we do have to take it by faith but as I have said for some time now – I don’t need to know where we came from but I would like to know how we came from God to here, and it really doesn’t matter if it was fast or slow but I think the scriptures, the scientific facts and the Hebrew words for “formed” and “make” and “framed,” speak for themselves. Yes, I do realize that the search for the answer to that question could be considered “vanity and vexation” but it, like Mount Everest – is there and has to be addressed if for no other reason than there are millions of non-believing people that would like to know where they came from and where they are going and it is our job as Christians to answer as many questions relating to God, as we can. It is really ironic that atheistic scientists spending billions of tax dollars to find out where we came from have not only proven how we came into existence but also proved (through the Christian anthropic principle) the existence of God. We have already seen the (everything from nothing) faith that the “other side” promotes. Their faith is based on scientific speculation. They use the language of speculation to prove what is scientifically impossible. See: Creation vs. Evolution.

The following s tatement is from Darwinism: by John Schroeder (and I alluded to it a little earlier). This is a statement by an atheistic scientist and fits in the, “God sent them a strong delusion that they would believe a lie,” category.

“13.7 billion years ago, the entirety of our universe was compressed into the confines of an atomic nucleus. Known as a singularity, this is the moment before creation when space and time did not exist. According to prevailing cosmological models that explain our universe, an ineffable explosion, trillions of degrees in temperature on any measurement scale, that was infinitely dense, created not only fundamental subatomic particles and thus matter and energy but also space and time itself. Cosmology theorists combined with the observations of their astronomy colleagues have been able to reconstruct the primordial chronology of events known as the big bang.” [Emphasis added by J.S.]

Over the years you can see that more and more scientists are coming to the irrefutable proof that the expanding universe started very small and exploded into the expanding universe that we can see today. They just haven’t figured out that God is the one that did it and just how “small” it really was. They of early science figured that all the matter in the universe started out all squeezed down into the size of a pea weighing many, many tons of tons. If pea sized, why not B-B sized or even head-of-the-pin sized? When they saw how ridiculous that sounded they agreed it would sound better if it came from something invisible or zero in size – all by itself. This is where they came up with the quantum science part of it rather than admit to a miracle. If there was a big bang it had to happen by the hand of God not an accident of naturalistic evolution and it had to come from within Him and not something already there in zero, or any other size. What “they” are saying about quantum science is exactly what happened when numerous atoms (somehow) joined hands to form a grain of sand. “They” are saying that the “makings” of atoms (subatomic particles) themselves arose from nothing to form atoms that eventually evolved into molecules, elements and chemicals and given enough time (without intelligent design) turned into the universe and everything in it. When I told whoppers like that, I had to sit in the corner.
Concerning magnetism: “Its mysteries are far from being solved. For example, scientists do not know what produces the enormous electric currents deep within the earth that appear to be responsible for the earth’s magnetic field.” World Book – M. Also, “Scientists believe the magnetism surrounding the earth comes from electricity in the earth’s core.” World Book – E. It all comes from the presence of the Spirit of God (not the Holy Spirit).

In the energy connection, one could even say, God is perpetual motion. He is totally self-contained and will never run out of energy and has no need of input from outside sources. For instance, a perpetual motion machine is a devise that can continuously produce work with no energy input, or that can continuously and completely convert heat into work. Does not this describe creation? Everything He used for creation came completely from within Him. God, unlike a machine will not wear out or need repair from an outside source.

God is pure Spirit. Does that Spirit have a molecular structure, or is it only apparent when God manifests Himself to us through His Son? Spiritual genetics come into play concerning Jesus. Jesus has God’s spiritual genes whereas we don’t. That is how Jesus can be God and why God is not Jesus. See: Where Did Jesus Come From?

God is one God but multi-faceted. His pure Spirit is not to be confused with the seven spirits or any other spirits (if there are others other than the seven and the four spirits of the heavens – Zechariah 6:5) that He uses to deal with the world or the people in it. The spirit that is in humans and gives us every breath of life we breathe and every heartbeat may be different from the one that is in plants and animals. We (all of His creation) are God connected but to the best of my knowledge, humans are the only ones that are God conscious. And those spirits are different from His (pure) Spirit that indwells Jesus making Jesus, God – Immanuel. How could God be with us (in human form) if He didn’t indwell a human body with His Spirit? He also gives us the Holy Spirit, which is there to teach and instruct us. God is with us, in that He is in everything around us and even in us. In the supposed nothingness of outer space, what has been called “ether” ( the invisible, elastic substance formerly supposed to be distributed evenly through all space and to conduct light waves, electric waves, etc ) is possibly the presence of the omnipresent God. He is everywhere that everywhere is.

God is the glue that holds this universe and everything in it together. God is in everything but everything is not to be worshipped. God is Truth. “There is one body, and one Spirit……One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” Ephesians 4:4-6. Zechariah 12:1, “Thus says the Lord who stretches out the heavens, and lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him. When we die our body goes back to dust and our spirit goes back to God who gave it. Ecclesiastes 12:7.

If God is not time and energy they are at least divine attributes as manifested to this earth and universe. That energy is both electrical and physical. Time exists because He is and He is conscious. He is the invisible God and His “God is” list is what makes Him God Almighty. He sustains us. He is all-in-all and has controlling power over everything.

If your child ever asks, what is time? You’d better have some TIME on your hands when you consult the dictionary because the definition gets quite lengthy. On the other hand, if you say God is time, you had better be ready to explain that one also with more than, “you have to take it by faith.” Time is a complicated subject. You believe in time, believe in God also, because He is the reason time exists.

Someone may ask: “What is the nature of time?” In a nutshell, God is time or time is at least a chief attribute. Time is His constant companion. We’ve all heard the adage: Old Father Time. Time, like God, is non-molecular. Unlike God – time can’t create anything. Time is an instrument of God in that it can only age or modify things. God’s existence is the existence of time. God is the measure of time. God is the reason time exists. Time emanates from the existence of God. As God is Love, God is time, energy, and God is the ultimate “Force” in or out of the universe. Time is not a straight line; it is like a flash of light (going in all directions at the same time). Time is everywhere God is. Sped up or slowed down, time is still time. Time is the same in open air or a vacuum. If naturalistic evolution is true then time can create and time is the god of this world and dog-eat-dog is the order of the day. Thanks, but I prefer the God of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.

Time is a positive. If (God forbid) God were to die, would time be a negative or would it just cease to exist? You would think it would be negative time because something would have to stand as a testimony to the former existence of God. It is like our having a headstone to prove that we once existed on this earth. The continued existence of time (positive or negative) is physical evidence that God cannot die because if He did, time (as we know it and as it is) would cease to exist. If there was no God, time would not be and nothing would be everywhere. And remember, “nothing” can’t create anything. Of course, this is all quite ridiculous because it is God that proves time exists. Time is eternal-past, present and future. There was time before the past (as pertains to us on this earth) and there will be time after the present and the future . James 4:14 says, “For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away.

Scientists call time the fourth dimension, but it is really the first. Time existed before the universe or before there was a throne in the third heaven. The length, width and height of space have been thrown into the mix rather late in comparison to how long God has been around.

God and time co-existed, but God is still the head. If God did not exist, neither could time and since that would be negative-time, it is still time and nothing (positive or negative) can exist without God. If anything is impossible, it’s the non-existence of God. Because God is truly everywhere and God is time, time is everywhere; everything everywhere is touched by time. Time is ageless; it had no beginning and will have no end. Time has never “not existed.”

Time is completely separate from space. Time was present before the big bang. Time was present before there was outer space or a universe or matter that fills outer space. Time is absolute – space, as we know it, is not. The stars and the outer covering of the universe will disappear but time never will. Time does not need to be observed in order to be counted. Time doesn’t know all but is a witness to all; it bears witness to the past and will observe the future.

If your child ever asks, what is time? You’d better have some TIME on your hands when you consult the dictionary because its definition gets quite lengthy. On the other hand, if you say God is time, you had better be ready to explain that one also with more than, “you have to take it by faith.” Time is a complicated subject. You believe in time, believe in God also because He is the reason time exists.

It has been said that the theory of relativity put an end to the idea of absolute time. (Hawking Pg.32). In that case the theory of relativity is wrong. I believe it was Einstein that made the statement: “There is no unique absolute time, but instead each individual has his own measure of time that depends on where he is and how he is moving.” (Hawking Pg. 44) This is wrong. Time is centered on God, not us. God is the center of our universe and our very existence. One might even ask: is time like, or similar to “ether” in that – it is the essence of God? If ether is there at all and it is invisible, the next question is; is it molecular or of elementary particles or just plain subatomic? Is it the essence of God – possibly not? If it is not and it really exists, its atomic structure will be discovered someday unless it turns out to actually be time or God’s essence.

Where a flash of light will be seen until it passes – time is like a steady beam of flashed light ongoing and eternal in all directions. The light of the third heaven is eternal because it emanates from the Eternal God and goes in all directions yet it is not a beam and will not pass by. Is the light of God atomic or molecular? Is it particles or waves, which we know sunlight is, but what about His light? His glory is from His energy. Is that glory atomic or molecular? God is light and God is love. Is love atomic or molecular? None of the above, because it is like faith – evidence of things not seen and faith certainly is not atomic or molecular but it is real nonetheless because it is spirit.

As the World Book says, “Everything is basically electrical. All matter consists of atoms . Each atom has one or more electrons and one or more protons. An electron is a negative particle of electricity. A proton is a positive particle of electricity… Electrons are the smallest particles of electricity, just as atoms are the smallest particles of matter. Atoms have a relationship to electrons, because every atom contains one or more electrons. A hydrogen atom has one electron, a helium atom has two, and so on (see the periodic table). Everything is partly electrical.”

Light and energy as we see them are products of God’s manifestation. All light comes from tiny particles of matter called atoms. Atoms of all elements contain energy. Atoms release and absorb energy in tiny bundles called photons. Every atom consists of a positively charged nucleus (central core) surrounded by negatively charged electrons. In a molecule, there are an equal number of positive and negative charges.

A molecule is one of the basic units of matter. Molecules are made up of atoms held together in certain patterns (no doubt determined by God). The size of a molecule depends on the size and number of its atoms. Molecules are made up of, from two to thousands of atoms. Molecules are held together in a group by forces . Where are these “forces” from? As mentioned above, God is that “Force.” These existing forces prove the existence of God because electricity cannot generate or sustain itself. It has to come from somewhere other than, the “Fantasy Island” that exists in the mind of atheistic scientists or those making excuses for the God they don’t understand.

Light has no intrinsic mass. “Visible light consists of fluctuations, or waves, in the electromagnetic field.” Light is in waves and particles. Where do beams of light and laser light fit in? God is light and the glory of that light is different from molecular light. There is a dynamic at work here that we know not of but we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bath water just because we don’t understand it. Lets give God just a little credit for knowing something we don’t know or don’t yet realize.

The earth’s magnetic field came from God or His spiritual presence in the earth. Everything came from God just like when He breathed life into Adam and he became a living soul. That breath came from inside God and was manifested on the outside of God as it pertains to Adam and the rest of mankind.

Is God invisible or can we just not see Him due to the principle of being so finely divided like subatomic particles? I still don’t believe God is molecular or atomic, but if He is, the molecules or atoms disappear from high powered electronic microscope sight when taken to the lowest common denominator or starting point. It is a matter of manifestation. He can reveal Himself to us in any-which way He chooses. Let’s not forget He chose to reveal Himself through Christ and His Word. His Spirit indwelt the body He made, (pre-incarnate and incarnate) that we know as Jesus. Revelation 3:14 says, …these things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, (Jesus) the beginning of the creation of God. See: When Did Jesus Come Into Existence?

The ultimate scientific proof there is a God as just mentioned above are, “these existing (electrical) forces prove the existence of God because electricity cannot generate or sustain itself.” The intellectual proof comes about by the process of elimination after we have weighed the facts we put on those “borrowed scales.” The facts stand for themselves. When you weigh all the facts – those of the physical universe which include the “laws of nature,” (the intelligent way the universe was put together) and those of spiritual nature (such as the Ten Commandments and other scriptural truths) most of the facts that deal with “creation on purpose or chance” come down on the side of an Almighty Creator.

The truth is, if we want a little bit of heaven right here on earth all we have to do is practice the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule. It all comes down to informed and intelligent common sense and the ability to exercise the most realistic version of faith, and to accept those truths that are self evident to all but the closed minded.

The closed minded in this case has more to do with being a child of Belial (worthlessness – as an epithet of Satan). Sons and daughters of Belial are destined for rebellion. They stand in direct opposition to God. It is a battle of right and wrong and good and evil. They can’t even get along with their own kind for very long.

Spending billions of dollars badly needed here on earth, going into outer space to find out where we came from is pointless. So let’s drop all this nonsense of “where we come from” and worship the Creator that created it all, and is able to show us “how” we came from, and start living life as though it does make a difference to Him (which it does); the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule are good places to start. Amen.