If I could only go back

How many times have we said, “If I could only go back and start over.” I have said that many times over the years. I regret many things I have done and wished I had never done them. The scars our sin leaves behind causes us much grief many years after we have committed the transgression. The results of our sins follow us like a shadow. They are a millstone about our necks.

Well, I’m here to say you can go back in a most significant way. You can go back with something working for you that you never had the first time around; the knowledge of the mistakes you made, tied to the knowledge of what was wrong with you in the first place. If we could go back and didn’t have the full knowledge we now have, we would probably make the same mistakes we did in the first place, and if that’s the case, why bother going back? In other words, if what is broke inside us, is not fixed, we would do the same things no matter how many times we went back to set it right.

With God there are no time barriers. With God a thousand years is as one day and one day is as a thousand years. Life is a vapor that will someday disappear. We have to tell that inner-person that we have an eternal spirit person inside us that transcends the time/life barrier, between where God is and where we are now. With this in mind we really can go back in a metaphysical sense. Psychological healing is a timeless entity. The psychological healing is what we really need. We can’t get that unless we repent of the sin in our lives in accordance with God’s directives. The hurt in our lives is as real as outer space. You can’t see it, or hold it, or contain it; but unless we get healed (in God’s way) we will be held in a timeless curse greater than all outer space.

We have to go back in our lives to when we were very young children and have a talk with our parents and ourselves. We have to show that child that they are loved by God and are important to Him. Psalms 27:10 says, “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.” Our earthly parents are just a vessel which God uses to get us into His earthly domain. No matter who our parents are, God is our Father and is not willing that we should suffer; but due to the curse (starting with Adam and Eve) under which we are raised, we and our parents have erred from God’s way and we all suffer the consequences. We have to talk to that child and tell them, I love you and I am here to help you. We have to tell that child that God made them and we accept them just the way they are and they must accept themselves the same way too. We have to teach them who God is and that it matters very much how we live our lives. We have to teach them that there are curses and they are to be avoided.

The act of repentance doesn’t remove the memory of the sin or even all of the physical consequences of that sin. It removes the burden to our hearts, which is the real problem as it affects our psychological make up. Suicide is a result of our not being able to psychologically cope with whatever problems we have. Suicide is the worst method a person could choose in an attempt to stop the pain or as it were, go back. Here and now is where we are, and where we are supposed to be, until God removes us from this life. (See: Suicide.)

We need to understand the problems of child abuse and neglect. We need to see that the abuse and neglect was done out of the sin sickness of our parents and that if they were raised right it wouldn’t have happened. We have to teach what God’s ideals are and that if our parents were raised right, and would have raised us right (with us not being rebellious in our own right) that things in this life would be a lot smoother.

It is now our job to clean up our life and make a change with our families to break that cycle of sin and curses.