How do we know there is a God?

How do we know there is a God? The number three answer is because we are here – which is the ultimate (Believer’s) anthropic principle. The number two answer is because the Bible has been proven to be true and accurate – archaeologically, historically, and scientifically. But the number one answer is faith; based in the evidentiary principles laid down in Rom 1:20 and Heb 11:1 and 3, which are namely: observation, common sense and science, and all these provide the evidence that demands a verdict – as to the existence of God.

Observation says: We are here and we are made of something. Common Sense says: You can’t get something from nothing, all by itself, no matter how long you wait. Science says: We are made of something that is made of something else, traceable all the way back through (the electricity of) subatomic particles (Rom 1:20) to what can only be eternal (self-existing) energy (with an aptitude) or where else would it come from and do what it did? And that eternal energy is the God of light (1 John 1:5) with all of its ramifications to energy.

Whichever type of electricity it is (AC, DC, static, or what I call spiritricity – spiritual electricity, or what Dr. Marvin R. Vincent calls “divine energy”) it makes up the ingredients of our physical make-up and lives. And when they are amassed and compacted together in such huge numbers, they (the invisible) literally become visible – whether a grain of beach sand, or the Rock of Gibraltar, or Mount Everest, or us.

Some of the biggest names in atheistic science say (through their version of faith and/or observation) everything came from nothing; but any of the supposedly self-existing entities which they refer to as “nothing” all have their existence – thanks to energy. For example – when they say everything came from nothing, then refer back to self-existing gravity (as well as the rest of the laws of science) and/or a particle/antiparticle, or an exploding proton, or a compressed nucleus, or a tiny speck of super-hot energy, in which any or all – somehow exploded, fluctuated or false vacuumed their way into the big bang and/or an expanding universe – they truly show their prejudice not only against observation, common sense and science, but God, who gives them every heartbeat and every breath of life they breathe (Gen 2:7; Job 12:10; 27:3; 33:4; Ps 104:29; Eccl 12:7).

God is truly the energy source of the universe and everything in it. He manifested (Ps 33:6) His eternal energy (as in, God is light) into (the electricity of) subatomic particles – elementary and composite, and further into electrons, protons and neutrons. And with various numbers of these three added together, produced all the elements of the periodic table. The bottom line is that we are truly the offspring of God (Acts 17:28-29) not nothing, via – His eternal power.

It all starts with one electron and one proton – which is hydrogen (the most abundant element in the universe) with an atomic number of 1, and blossoms to Lawrencium at 103 (not counting nor forgetting 104 and 105).

Scientific facts are boring to most people, but this is the temporal foundation on which our physical existence rests, and it all starts with the Spirit of God – not nothing.