Needed Reforms

1. Bible study atmosphere.
2. Children’s church.
3. Believer’s communion.
4. Common sense buildings.
5. At least one open Sunday School class – for all ages to attend.
6. New converts must attend church and Sunday school long enough to be
evaluated by the elders before being allowed to teach.
7. Circle seating arrangement.
8. Back to the elder system.
9. More hours for Sunday School.
10. No paid preachers.
11. No more stuffy formalism.
12. Ban “passing the plate” collections.
13. Ban paganism from church – Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.

The structure of the church should have been more like Israel was before the raising up of the kings of Israel. God was rejected as the head of the nation by the man-made leaders of the hierarchy in Jerusalem just as was the Holy Spirit rejected after the departure of Jesus. That Hierarchy should have never been. The consequence of its existence was just as disastrous as the kings of Israel were to the nation of Israel.

When Titus the Roman scattered the people of Israel, Roman religious authorities took over what they understood was the Christian Church.

Some of the reasons I can’t be a part of today’s church in addition to the above reasons are: Some of the church doctrines and activities are the “Babylon” that we are to come out of according to Revelation 18:4. To be a part of them is to await God’s judgment.

Concerning collections: We should be using the pattern shown in 2 Kings 12:9. You bore a hole into a chest and let the people put in what they want, when they want to. In the church today, we are so quick to adopt an Old Testament way of doing things but we miss this one.