Lessons from Bob Jones University

This letter was written to a talk show host in 2000:

I was driving my truck when I heard your discussion on Bob Jones University’s racial policies. I didn’t hear a lot of the program, so please forgive me if I repeat someone’s question/answer/thought. I normally agree with you on most topics but your reaction to their dating policy (even though I, believe it or not, share that view in reference to dating) was surprised by the seeming one-sided intensity of your reaction. I think that parents taking care where they send their kids to school should be given credit. They obviously go along with the school policy and should be respected for something we may not see clearly.

Acting as the “angle’s” advocate – I think they (Bob Jones University) are mostly guilty of nipping “it” in the bud. That is, dating can lead to love and love can lead to, “guess who’s coming to dinner,” and that can lead to marriage. Parents are sending their children there for an education, and the university, no doubt, is very sensitive to the prejudices of the parents (right or wrong). After all, they are in the south.

We need to invent or find words other than prejudice, bigot and racist that describe the act of embracing God’s creation of the individual races. A word that won’t require an apology to a bunch of godless politically correct hypocrites that (many of which) celebrate Christmas but deny the real power of God. A word that describes people that reflects a normal reaction of support for God’s creation of the individual races – that doesn’t inspire shame and force people into a closet. We need a word that honors those differences and says that it’s okay to remain just as God created us. People throw those hate words around very freely and, in fact, it is its own form of prejudice and fear mongering. Those words are a form of intimidation and manipulation that insure the liberals get it their way.

When my Mom was in high school, her best friend was a black girl. Back then when they (the Negroes) were ashamed of the word “black” (come to think of it, that was even a form of prejudice used against those that knew they were black and proud of it, but I digress). One day my brother and I were a couple of houses up the street (in Quartz Hill, California) visiting with a lady that moved there from Tennessee. We came home saying, nigger this and nigger that. My Mom’s reaction was swift and stern but loving. We never said nigger again. To the best of my knowledge my Mom never dated a black man, and I don’t think would have ever married one. Does that make her a racist, bigot or a prejudiced person? My brother had a black girl friend for a while and I don’t recall any negative reaction on Mom’s part.

Is Bob Jones a bigot for observing that difference, and whatever plan God had for dividing the races the way He did? If God wanted all the races to be one, He would have created them that way. Bob Jones has two obligations: One is to consider what God did in the first place (by creating the different races) in case it does matter. And the other is to insure that the parents who may have a prejudice, in favor of the way God did it, and ask for support in what they believe (right or wrong) because the parents are probably paying the student’s way through the college and they have the right (right or wrong) to have their student in the racial situation they want them in, and not worry about who’s coming to dinner somewhere down the road. If they feel God, in all His wisdom, skill and Divine right, created the different races, and there is nothing wrong with keeping them the same, why should anyone give them a bad time about their belief? Make no mistake; there are plenty of people of color that think the same way. We only hear about the whites that advocate non-mixing. It makes better press, because they are punishing the whites for slavery even though the blacks sold their brothers into slavery in the first place.

As far as I’m concerned, if you are of age you can choose the date or the mate you want. If it doesn’t make any difference to God, it shouldn’t make any difference to any one else either. They (the parents) have a right to expect that the school is not promoting something they don’t approve of. If blending the races does make a difference to God, then look out! I believe, where it makes an immediate difference is, when people start mandating a change from the status-quo just because they think it is the right thing to do. Why don’t we question their motivation? Who gives them the right to push their ideas off on the rest of us? Why should anyone be allowed to brow-beat, harass, bully, berate and shame anyone into compliance (with their wishes) or pressuring them to keep their mouth shut, if they think that race mixing is wrong. They (the race mixing advocates) seem to think that God and the Constitution come down on their side in any such liberal argument, including welfare, abortion, capital punishment and all the rest. If you can somehow squeeze out of the Constitution that it is okay to kill babies, then in matters of opinion that don’t draw blood, it should certainly give the parents the right to be wrong when they advocate same race marriages and even dating. We (conservatives) are the bad guys, they (liberals) are the good guys, even though they want to keep killers alive and kill innocent babies, but that’s another story.

I think people have the right to be prejudiced (there’s that word again) as long as they don’t advocate or do violence against any color “different” from their own. Who made the rule that you can’t differ on mixing the races? Certainly not God, and if we were to follow His example in the creation of the different races, we would be a little cautious in the promotion of race mixing. Putting God aside for the moment, it is each persons right (Constitutional and otherwise) to choose what they want to do in this regard. There is no way that politically correct people or members of government should be able shove their version of Constitutional rights down the throats of anybody no matter what noble cause they call it. Where is the people’s Constitutional right to have the racial situation, just as God set it up? This vigorous name-calling seems clearly to be an attack on God’s sovereignty.

There are millions and millions of white people that treat people of color with respect and dignity. They don’t advocate any kind of violence; they just don’t want to cross that barrier.

Religiously speaking, the Declaration of Independence is a joke. Are all people created equal? We say all people are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, on the one hand and we realize on the other, we know that some of the framers of the Constitution owned slaves. So much for created equal and unalienable rights. Rights only applied to the whites as far as the framers were concerned. No one should argue that the interpretation should be applied to all races (even though some will and do argue). They (the framers) also didn’t realize that if God gives rights, He could also take them away, if the people (no matter what color) do things that He doesn’t like. He can use another nation, famine and pestilence to curse the people that fall out of His favor. He has the ultimate right to do what He wants in reference to His creation and judgment. The Declaration of Independence as understood by the average lawyer takes away God’s right to be Lord and Master over that which He created, but this is another topic.

If the university is guilty of “nipping it in the bud,” where does this innocent “oneness,” stop? Are we to have and accept one world government? Are we to have one religion? Are we to have one language? This next part is borrowed from a chapter of my book, Conspiracy of Judgment on this web site. As you will be able to tell, it goes back several years but it makes a strong point:

Years ago I thought the news media used to be out to get the conservatives. After Jimmy Carter was in office I could see that liberals were fair game also. After many years of observation I have come to the conclusion that they are out after “anyone” in authority. They will attack anyone from the President right down to the small town police chief.

I asked myself what are they looking for? A man perfect in beauty? (Ezk 28:12) A man that doesn’t desire women? (Dan 11:37) A man wiser than Daniel of old? (Ezk 28:3) A man with the wisdom of the ages? (Ezk 28:13) A wise and cunning business man? (Ezk 28:4-5) A man perfect in his ways? (Ezk 28:15) A man that all religions can live with? A man that will seem as a god to a lost and wayward people? A man that can make the world one through flatteries and treaties? A man that can make “We Are The World” a reality? A man that will answer the cry of Seals and Crofts, “One World Now?” A man that will join John Lennon in enlisting “All The People” to “Imagine” a world living as one?

They are looking for a champion, a modern day Nimrod, and a return to the Tower of Babel. They are looking for none other than the Antichrist, who the Bible predicts will rule in the last days.

See: “Lucifer,” Isa. 14:12, “the little horn,” Dan. 7:8; 8:9, “the king of fierce countenance,” Dan. 8:23, “the prince that shall come,” Dan. 9:26, “the willful king,” Dan 11:36, “the man of sin,” “the son of perdition,” “wicked one,” 2 Thess. 2:3,8, “Antichrist,” 1 John 2:18, and “the beast,” Rev. 13:1-10. (Content of scripture references from Unger’s Bible Dictionary)

Critics of conservative government must be forgiven because they are simply attempting to defend the last dying gasps of FDR-ism. The depression was a judgment of God on the people of America. FDR got us out of that which we deserved and we were grateful to him for it. Instead of repenting and allowing God to restore our economy, he (FDR) bought our way out of it.

Socialism was a worldwide judgment. Its most brutal form showed itself as full blown communism such as in Russia and China, and its most settle form was that of FDR-ism that crept into America. In all forms, it was people attempting to override God’s judgment on the one hand and have guaranteed security on the other, both then and in the future – otherwise known as hedging their bets.

One can even be sold to the bondage of extreme capitalism such as in the days of Joseph in Pharaoh’s Egypt. Pharaoh had a dream that Egypt was going to go into a 7-year famine. Joseph revealed the interpretation of the dream and was put in charge of the plan of holding back one-fifth of each year’s production of those 7 good years so they could survive the 7 bad. The people seemed to let the government save all the grain and when the famine hit and they eventually used their own supplies then had to go to Joseph and get more. First they mortgaged their animals, then their land and eventually themselves. They were in bondage, lock-stock-and barrel to Pharaoh. They trusted in government and paid their tithe of grain just to be oppressed in the end with their own grain. They could have avoided the whole thing if they had just saved grain on their own, but they trusted in government.

The point I’m trying to make here is – the liberal world is trying to usurp God’s authority and power over His creation. He created the races, some people want one. He divided the languages at the tower of Babel, some people want one. He created different kingdoms and nations, some people want one. The world has many different types of money; the common market nations want one.

The people of this world will be begging for the one world government someday. Their goal like John Lennon’s and others; is to have no borders, no possessions, one race, one language, and no religion too, except for them of special talent or privilege.

Remember when Jimmy Carter was blasted for his ethnic purity comment? We have to remember that he was speaking of neighborhoods, not people. The super sensitive news media really went ballistic. Kind of makes you glad that they (the media) don’t work for the postal department, but that’s another topic. The fact of the matter is, you are either ethnically pure or you are not. Not many people in this world are. Is it wrong to be ethnically pure, the way we were originally created? If so, when did it become wrong? The blood in my veins is German, English and Scottish. Am I any less human or any less of a man?

To not be ethnically pure is not a sin and should not be causing the pain it seems to be causing. They (liberals) seem to advocate the abolishment of God’s contribution to creation by eliminating the difference between people. They seem to want one huge gray mass of humanity.

It is a similar phenomenon to that of Communism. How could anyone want to, or advocate living in the conditions that the common people were living in, and call that a blessing, with a noble cause of everyone being equal and eliminating the classes. Except for the leaders of the Animal Farm, of course, but that’s another topic.

Living life in a one race, one language, one religion world, would be like eating mush for three meals a day for the rest your life. No salt, no pepper, no spice, just a bland nothingness.

The real racists are the ones that are blending away the creation of God into the gray or one color race. All this name-calling is a cover up for the attempt of abolishing the individual races.

Another word that is used by the politically correct for “crowd control” is homophobe. They want to shame anyone that is against homosexuality, into keeping their mouth shut. If a person is homophobic – what is that phobia based on. Pure prejudice against the act of homosexuality or the final results it brings about, such as Sodom and Gomorrah? What phobia do you call it when you are in a boat with no power on the upper reaches of the Niagara River? It’s called a looming disaster.

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