Lessons from 911

Concerning the Twin Tower and Pentagon attacks:

Why do these things happen? Who do we blame? Do we really want the answer? There are answers and the best hope of understanding the reason can be found in the Bible. People that have never read or seldom read the Bible will never understand what I am saying here. All they can say or think is; how could a God of love ever allow this to happen?

I want you to notice that I have included myself in this paper. I have sins and weaknesses and human frailties just like anybody else but am trying to limit my offenses against God as He gives me light. I have been reading and studying the Bible for over thirty years. Those subsequent years of Bible study have helped me to turn away from things that are wrong and has taught me to ask forgiveness when I do sin.

I understand that Jerry Falwell says the finger of blame for this disaster points directly to the gays and other devout sinners in this country. I have to partially agree with him but would like to add a few names (including my own) to that list. I would also put Jerry’s name on that list and add to it, Jim and Tammy Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart and all the Elmer Gantry’s of this country and even all of the Billy Graham’s and the Pope’s. What do some of these, as well as the everyday citizen have in common that could possibly cause God to allow or even direct this attack on these most significant institutions of this country? Abortions, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, Halloween, breaking God’s Sabbath (not the Jewish Sabbath of the Law that Christ fulfilled) but the Sabbath that God observed just after the six days of creation. I think this list can include anyone who hangs a picture of Jesus on the wall in their house or church, not knowing what He looks like. And the most important of all, using God’s name in vain. The Bible says they which do such will not be held guiltless. With that guilt comes judgment that may come in this life as well as the next.

Do we who pray to God one minute and then turn around and ask God to “damn” this and “Jesus Christ” that the next minute, think we are innocent? Using God’s name in vain used to be illegal in this country but thanks to, ”freedom of speech,” those laws are laughed off the books by not being enforced. Well, we’re not going to laugh this disaster off any time soon, no matter who or what is to blame. The people who did this have no regard for the Constitution and people that make up liberal organizations like the ACLU are aiding the bravado of these Kamikaze cowards.

I wonder how many of the people that invoked the name of God and asked for His help and blessing through this matter, ever read their Bibles. I wonder how many of those same people use God’s name in vain and support abortion and/or have even had an abortion? You ask, what could this possibly have to do with anything? It is the same God, which we have all prayed and cried out to, concerning the horror of this attack, that gives each and every one of us every breath we breathe and every heart beat. Us includes all forms of life. When we presume to remove His spirit from any of His creatures, without His permission (as in the case of animals for food and people for capital crimes), can we be held guiltless? How can all those thousands of people killed in these cowardly attacks be so precious to us (who we don’t know) and all the multiplied millions of aborted babies mean so little. Well guess what? They all mean something to God and anyone who supports the right to kill babies, stands at odds with God. If the, here and now, of everyday judgment doesn’t scare you, wait until the next life.

Throughout biblical history God has frequently used the ungodly to punish his people and bring them back to Himself and His way of thinking. Who has more right to do that than God? If He created the heavens and the earth and if He then created mankind in His own image, He certainly has the power and the right to do whatever he wants, no matter what we think. Remember! Our ways are not His ways.

Those well planned and for the most part, carried out attacks could have only happened with God’s allowance and/or His permission or direction. The most humbled and relieved people of all should be those who work in the Capitol building. If one of those planes was truly targeted at the capitol and failed to get there, it also fits the biblical pattern of the people suffering worse than the leaders of their country, such as the case of King David numbering the people without God’s permission. Seventy thousand died as a result of that intrusion into God’s space, but David lived on.

When we say these (which would include all of us) are innocent people, we presume too much. “We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.” There are some more guilty than others. They of the Twin Towers and Pentagon are the banner carriers of us all. There were some righteous and some unrighteous that died there. That’s why we should all take it personally, but not unto shaking our fist at God, but dropping to our knees as most of us have done. When we ask, why? Let’s be ready to hear the answer. If we all had our noses in the Bible as much as we do the sports or business pages, we would see, for example, that profaning the name of God with swearing, and calling pagan holidays, Holy, are materialistic and worldly habits that should be avoided. Most of what we seem to be doing in the name of God, can’t be justified by scripture.

This should be a wake up call for all of us. We have been warned. As in Sodom and Gomorrah, the righteous would have died with the unrighteous had not the angels brought them out by the hand, with much haste I might add. Let us take the hand of God (through His Word) and be led to safety in the future.

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