Is the Iraqi War justified?

I’m all for fighting for freedom but we need to pick our battles a little better. Number one demands that the people want freedom as bad as we want it for them. Number two demands that our helping them makes sense. Bush calls Islam an honorable religion and even now we are in Iraq defending the Muslim’s right to defame Jesus as the Son of God. That should offend all Christians – especially the ones that celebrate the birth of Christ according to the Bible and even the ones that accept the “traditional” man-made version known as Christmas – both of which are an offense to Muslims. Either Jesus is the Son of God or He isn’t. If God made the world without a bag of ingredients, then He could have a Son without having a wife, as contended by the Koran. If Muslims want to practice Islam, that’s their business but when we (a supposed Christian nation) are shedding our blood to defend their right to demean the most important doctrine of Christianity – its time to rethink our position and wonder why God allowed us to get in this mess in the first place.

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