Intelligent Design VS. Evolution

In all this talk about separation of church and state and intelligent design vs. evolution, I can’t recall anyone worrying about separation of atheist and state or even secularist and state and the billions of tax dollars given to liberal educational institutions and even NASA (who plays both ends against the middle) to find out where we came from.

As I look back in history I see a time that “they” didn’t like being left out of the educational process either and it came to a head in the “Scopes Monkey Trial” in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925. Their ulterior motive in spending all those tax dollars was to prove that everything came from nothing and trying to socially engineer us away from belief in the existence of God.

Concerning the matter of creation of the universe – I say, you can’t get something from nothing, no matter how long you wait, you’d still have to wait, like forever.

If we were to go back in time before anything existed and stare at a little spot in the middle of all that non-existence, how long would it take before any elementary particles showed up? And just how would they show up in the first place? If I can’t use the word miracle they can’t use scientific terms like: quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle, singularity this or singularity that. Those terms are just another word(s) for miracle. For everything to come out of nothing all by itself even over billions of years is more than a major miracle. We Christians get laughed at when we say miracle but when they say, quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle, singularity this or singularity that, they get Nobel Prizes and lots of money. We have let them get away with their highbrow snobbery for long enough. Education without common sense is next to worthless.

In all honesty I can’t really complain about all the money they spent to find out where we came from because in trying to find it out and to disprove the existence of God they have proven how we came into existence. No matter how the elementary particles got there and whomever or whatever stirred, glommed or otherwise manipulated those particles (quarks, electrons, protons and neutrons) that make up atoms, which make up molecules, which make up elements and chemicals, which make up us, they are there and those facts in that order can’t be argued. “They” say “nothing” did it; I say God did it.

Intelligent design doesn’t promote religion; it promotes a belief in the God that gives all of us every heartbeat and every breath of life we breathe and was responsible for the creation we see around us every day. It puts the name of God on the act of creation. If that truth offends the non-believers – that’s too bad, because their “truth” offends the majority and the majority should not have to fund “Fantasy Island” or the search for it. Even if there were no God, the Ten Commandments are a good idea for all peoples of all countries. What’s wrong with not stealing or robbing, or lying or any of the rest? Only a fool would support lawlessness. If everybody lived the Golden Rule, life would be good even after a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, tsunami, fire or whatever would come along.

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