Flag Burning

The flag represents the best hopes and desires of the country for its people and none more than the United States of America. The only reason that that mission or desire could possibly change is because the people change. It is not the soil or the mountains that make a nation great – it’s the people.

The nation is a barrel and the citizens are but apples within it. The flag is a physical representation of a great ideal as it started out but as the citizens rot from within, the makeup and disposition of the rest of the apples as well as the barrel itself, comes into question. I find it ironic that the rotting apples seem to be the first ones that don’t like the conditions in the barrel and want “some kind” of change – now.

A citizen who burns the flag should be considered a person without a country because they, who would dare to burn the flag, attack the foundational ideals upon which this nation was founded and fail to attack the real cause of the nation’s failure – moral decay and not heeding the Ten Commandments.

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