Ever Wonder Why?

Do you ever wonder why:

…TV producers and archaeologists don’t seem to be offended by the paganism practiced by ancient peoples and yet have no tolerance for the God of the Old Testament?
They say it is important to see who they were so we can know where we are going or where we have been. They wonder where they have gone. Why did they disappear? The scholars have ignored the Bible, and they miss the whole point of the non-mystery; those idolatrous people have been done away with because they had become a stench in the nostrils of God. They bow down and sacrifice their young to idols and many other things contrary to God’s Laws. God has vomited them out of the land and/or destroyed them from off the face of the earth. To the Bible believer there is no mystery, only fact.
To those that refuse to see and hear the real answer, let it be known – there isn’t enough money in the world to get the answer that you are digging for.

…the liberals are all for killing babies; and letting killers go free?

…there was a protest over the picture of a bin full of aborted babies; and not the babies themselves?

…God and the Bible got kicked out of school; yet Christmas, Easter, and Halloween could stay?

…good people don’t go around killing bad people; and make the world a better place?
…people protest the use of fur products; and support a woman’s right to have an abortion?
Maybe there should be a group called, People For The Ethical Treatment of Unborn Babies!!!

…environmentalists want to save the forests; and yet live in wood houses?

…environmentalists protest the use of hydro power, nuclear power, coal power and still use electricity.